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Hologram steps into Tonya's mind and finds - 


You're just leaving work when they come up on either side of you - a short, stocky guy with a heavy brown beard and a woman with jet-black hair and olive skin, both of them dressed for clubbing rather than the working-class streets of Lincoln. The man looks up at you and asks you for the time and then...you're not sure what happens next, but you're beaten up and slashed up, standing in a dirty suburban forest in Kingston. You yell for help, but when the heroes arrive, they and everyone else are speaking a language you can't understand! 


When Hologram probes, she finds - 



You're in a house like something out of a fairy tale, thatched roof and stone chimney and all, with wooden furniture and animal skins on the walls. There are other things on the walls too, paintings of monsters and demons, wood carvings of things that look like scenes from the pits of Hell itself. You're kneeling on a dirt floor over a man's body, chanting, and as you watch he sinks beneath the soil. He's dead, or sleeping, or both, and you feel an overwhelming feeling of grief as he vanishes. You reach down, still chanting, and pick up an iron dagger that you raise over your head... 


Hologram's Mind Reading countering is sufficient to overcome the active mental conditioning that is only allowing Tonya to speak Old English, but this will not change her altered appearance. 


Hologram's DC 25 Well-Informed will let her recognize Medea the sorceress. With a DC 25 check, she also recognizes the man - Unferth is a Scandanavian mercenary and supervillain who affects a "Viking Warrior" theme. He claims to be the historical Unferth from the story of Beowulf, but a lot of guys do that. If every infernalist who claims to have been at the Crucifixion had really been there, it would have been like Woodstock...  

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Clarification: Are CT and Stronghold in the same room as Hologram and Tonya, or a different room?


Also, would it be reasonable for Corbin's alternate-Earth to have a Medea who fought alongside the bad guys and did terrible Medea things, and that he came upon such terrible things? I ask because it may affect how he reacts to her (Medea) later.

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Temperance recognizes the other three heroes - the ringbearer, his apprentice, and the reformed villainous psychic well enough. She knows who Medea is. 

Tonya appears to have been partially transformed into something that looks like certain fantastic depictions of a volvar - an Anglo-Saxon mystic and witch. But Anglo-Saxon lore is almost entirely fictionalized these days, only surviving in the pages of certain arcane tomes and the one great surviving work of Anglo-Saxon poetry - Beowulf.

Interestingly, on looking at her file, Temperance will see that she and Tonya share the same birthday.  



In her investigations after the heroes go their seperate ways (perhaps the most fruitful so far), Temperance will find that Unferth may well _be_ the Unferth of legend - or at least he first appeared after archeological investigations in Denmark in the late 1960s were interrupted by the disappearance of one of the archaeologists and Unferth's own appearance (raiding a jewelry store in Copenhagen) some days later. 

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They do not seem to be within a mile of you, more's the pity! (Or maybe that's not so bad, since it's not that much more than a mile to where your kids are sleeping). But something else _is_ nearby, almost at the edges of your perception, as if a third spirit is present for the whole affair - a bubbling cauldron of spectral frustration that seems to vanish as you look too closely, as if half-visible itself or wise to your scrying. 


With the DC 25 on Gather Info, you remember what I posted above as far as Unferth's 'story' - so that TT will have something to find in the investigation period, I'll add that the monster that attacked her will turn out to be http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hr%C3%A6svelgr .

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