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Cutting off the Supply (OOC)

Brown Dynamite

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Said robber got a 19 on his reflex save.  Good enough to avoid being bound, but still entangled.



He gets an impressive 23 on his TOU save.  Which becomes less impressive after the damage bonus on the autofire adds to the damage with not only his lessened save but also the virtue of being flatfooted.  So he's out.


Foreshadow swings down and throws a series of his throwing discs at one of the still upright robbers.   Hitting with a 26 With sneak attack it prompts a DC 20 Tou save + autofire.


The robber actually gets a 25 on his Tou save which just makes the save.


Foreshadow gets an 18 on his initiative


The robber he hit gets a 7.  The unattacked Robber gets a 15


Which brings us to Round 1!


32 - Net Fly - 1HP

28 - Osprey - 1HP

18 - Foreshadow - 1 HP

15 - Thug 1

7 - Thug 2


And Net Fly is up!

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Move Action next to the nearer of the two robbers to get between him and the other , Punching  them for a Standard Action: 15. If that hits(somehow), DC20 Toughness save. Using a HP(0 left) to buy Interpose for this encounter, setting a Reaction to interpose on the next attack on the badly-confused man.

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Foreshadow will follow suit with a move action to get near and also attack the nearest robber with an unarmed attack.  Hitting with a 25 and prompting a DC 18 TOU save for Robber 2.



The Robber fails finally getting a 13 and picking up a Dazed and Bruised condition.




Robber # 1  fires an arc of lightning which in tight quarters fills a hefty line prompting a DC 18 Reflex save from Foreshadow, Osprey, and because it's not selective Robber #2  with a DC 21 TOU save.  Foreshadow makes it with a 19 taking no damage thanks to evasion.  Robber 2 fails with a 15 and gets a 19 on his Tou roll picking up a second bruised condition in the process.  They're not models of teamwork ya see.


With Robber # 2 just being all dazed.and hurt.

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Still need Ari's Reflex save for the line of lightning.  But let's see Robber 1 avoids being hit just barely.


And Robber # 2 gets a 15...err 14 needed to take off another one for his second bruised condition.   Dazed and a third bruised condition.  Surprisingly sturdy



32 - Net Fly - 1HP

28 - Osprey - 0HP

18 - Foreshadow - 1 HP

15 - Thug 1

7 - Thug 2 - Dazed & Bruised 3

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Net Fly will pull all the stops to prevent the thug from fleeing.


Full-Round Action: Sonic Beam(Distracting) at the criminal. All-Out Attack + Accurate Attack (+4 Atk, -2 DC, -2 Def)

1d20+11: 12 [1d20=1]


Of course, you realise, this means Improve Roll(Deduct 1 HP)

1d20+11: 15 [1d20=4] + 10 = 25


Stun(Daze) Unreliable Check(For some reason, I added 10 on the roll. Ignore that +10)

1d20+10: 15 [1d20=5]


Trip Check (-2), Knockback extra, Knockback power feat 1:

1d20+10: 26 [1d20=16]


If it hits, the fleeing thug saves vs DC24 Damage, and rolls against DC24 Trip(STR or DEX, whichever is worse). If he fails the trip, he also suffers from Knockback with an effective damage bonus equal to +10,

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So let's see

Tou Save vs DC 24: 1d20+5 19 So Dazed & Bruised

Trip Check: 1d20+2 5 He's Tripped!

Knockback TOU save vs DC 23: 1d20+4 24 However, he  makes his Knockback TOU save.  Let's see if the door holds.



Knockback resist vs DC 23: 1d20+2 18 It's damaged for sure. But holds so he's knocked straight into it.

Round 3

32 - Net Fly - 0HP

28 - Osprey - 0HP, Bruised

18 - Foreshadow - 1 HP

15 - Thug 1 - Dazed, Prone, & Bruised

7 - Thug 2 - Bruised 3

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So.  Robber 1 cries a lot during his turn.  Giving up and sniffling.


And Robber 2 you ask?  Why he drops on the ground clutching his heart!  No, he's not dead we're not going grimdark here.  Still he's in need of help.




Sure only one crook was technically knocked out.  But since one is a sniffling mess and the other is well...having complications.  Safe to say combat is over.  

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