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In the Shadow of Sin (Gold) (OOC)


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Okay, so, next posts, ask any questions you might have, if there are none, just a post about getting ready and such.  I will be putting up a cut scene post about what is currently happening out in Southside with Raven shortly before I move you all there as well.

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Okay, here's the stunt!


Teleport 6 (10 miles per Move Action, Extras: Accurate, Portal, Progression (Portal Size, 10x10); Flaws: Long-Range) [14PP] (Wind Portal Rune) + Concealment 4 (All Visual Senses; Feats: Area (Shapeable) 2, Flaws: Blending (-1)) [9PP] (Magic) (Upgraded Rune of The Veil)

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Okay, magic :science: time.

Morgan's going to do a bit of prep (hopefully whoever's carrying him is nice enough to fly low enough to grab a rock). Using the piece of chalk always in his belt, some handy rocks, a bit of woogity, and some luck - he's gonna rig a magic communicating rock.


ESP 5 (Auditory) [Extras: Linked (Communication 5); Flaws: Medium (A Rock!)] + Communication 5 (Mental) [Extras: Linked (ESP 5); Flaws: Medium (A Rock!)] (Jury-Rigged Air Runestone) [5 pp]

Once that's done, he'll toss the other two rocks Tona and Blod's ways. The stones have a 50-feet radius, but it's pretty much up to Thevvy if they trek outta it's range. :)

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Crow (1 HP, Unharmed, Coat is suffering fatigue (-2 ranks until repaired))

Blodeuwedd (2 HP, Unharmed)

Blue Jay (2 HP, Unharmed)


Okay, probably time to get us initiatives.  Tiff, if you with, Blod can take an action though before we start into initiative order if you wish, as Crow and Blue Jay have both done stuff prior.

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Rav, you got a bit ahead of things with your last post, it is not back to Blue Jay just yet.  Blod had a saved action and Crow just opened a portal for her into the building (clarify where it goes please Quinn).  Also, Warden was up after Crow.


So waiting for Tiff to use Blod’s saved action (if she chooses to).

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