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Earth Victoriana: The Face of Politics (OOC)


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OOC for thread!


Carrie and Cannonade back to Earth Victoriana, to face some political skullduggery and the Cannonites!


Please tag!


Starting of with Steam and Carrie, will hook Cannonade in asap!


Steam is purely a hook here, will not participate in adventure!

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Tag this folks!


Unless you want to do anything else, I suggest I cut to the two identified locations: The Sterling Gentlemans Club (for Carrie) and the Snooty Fox Pub (for Cannonade)


For reference, disguise rolls, taking 20, and with Madam Redpowder's abilities and teamwork 3 giving you a +5 aide other bonus from herself, and +2 bonus for the resources and disguises she has (masterwork) for a total of +7.


I make that 20+7+3 =30 for Cannonade

and 20+7+0 for Carrie


Of course you may have some idea to boost that with extra effort or a stunt or something else you consider would be worth a +2 bonus. Could you confirm!

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TT, could I have a straight CHA roll from Cannonade to get his bar room "presence". Default he is a nobody unwelcome loser in a pub he don't belong. DC 10 to have enough of a presence to get a response, and +2 on future diplomacy/intimidate/bluff rolls. DC 20 to look super cool and own the joint, and get +5 on future social rolls. 


This is not just for the response he gets from the guys he questions (and you may want a subsequent diplomacy or intimidate roll depending on your manner), but the atmosphere he generates.

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Roo could you post me a Stealth Roll? Its fairly easy to keep out of Sight in dimly lit and relatively uncrowded late evening London, DC 10, but you can if you wish follow at a close range (say 25 feet) for DC 15, or within 10 feet for DC 20, it depends how safe or close you want to play it. 

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OK, So Carrie notices a bunch of Luddites about to Pounce on Pennyworth as he staggers back!


Could we have initiative rolls please!


I'm not going into detail with Luddite stats, but the usable basics are (not complete, just the stuff that will come into play). they are a slightly heavier than your standard Thug, chosen as the heaviest of the heavies. 


PL 4

STR 14, DEX 10, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 8

Attack +4, Defence +4, Fort +5, Reflex +5, Will +0

Skills: Intimidate 4 (+3)

Equipment: Cosh (Strike 2, Mighty), Heavy Trenchcoat (Protection +1)


Luddites [6] Initiative Roll: 1d20+0=20


I should add that the Luddites have spotted Pennyworth, not Carrie, so she has them flat footed. 


The challenge here is not really about a threat to Carrie, but the threat to Pennyworth. 


At the moment the Luddites are spread out in three groups of two, all about 25 feet away, approaching inwards. 

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3 pairs. Arranged in a semi circle closing in, each 25 feet away. 


Im no good with diagrams and Im really not sure how relevant this is except for take down feat. If you wanted to zoom in now, you could do a takedown on 2. Alternatively you could ready a reaction until they have all closed in on Pennyworth and take em all down at once. 

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