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Found 9 results

  1. Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 Later morning DeCosta High School, Freedom City The crowd had swelled beyond the gymnasium's bleachers, leaving many spectators standing on the basketball court or out in the hallway. The low murmur of conversation was an effective white noise, but the young girl perched on a top row was still able to pick out a few strains of conversation. "... Hope I can ask him about the tax on... " "... Wonder what he was thinking when he voted for... " "... Just who is running against him, again?" "... Whatever happened to his son after that fight with... " The Tona Baudin win
  2. For rolls and whatnot concerning >this thread.
  3. OOC for thread! Carrie and Cannonade back to Earth Victoriana, to face some political skullduggery and the Cannonites! Please tag! Starting of with Steam and Carrie, will hook Cannonade in asap! Steam is purely a hook here, will not participate in adventure!
  4. "Ah there you are. Devil to find. Pleasure to see!" No matter how long he stayed in Freedom City, Lord Steam continued to dress like the most outlandish fop. And somehow just pulled it off. He got stares wherever he went, and was quite happy to sign photographs. He passed himself off as a British Detective and Aristocrat who fancied a life in Freedom City. His role as inter-dimensional diplomat was less well known. It was easy enough to contact Carrie aka Silhouette. Her Medal of Valour doubled up as a radio receiver for Steam, and his home dimension to contact her, and as fate w
  5. OOC stuff, TK can you roll Intimidate?
  6. 12:21 AM Carrie couldn't remember the last time she was sick, there was a good reason for that, clearly her memory had blocked out such a horrid experience. Her nose was running, her throat was sore from coughing, and her head was pounding. She couldn't sleep at all, not that she'd usually be asleep at this time, but she'd freaking tried, and so now here she was, pulling into the building known optimistically as the Fens Free Clinic. She said optimistic because you had to be plenty optimistic to run anything like a government funded building in the Fens. Still, it was convinent her wil
  7. Monday, July 15, 8:32am Carrie yawned as she walked into the park clad in track pants, and a light grey t-shirt. She pulled a headband out from her purse and put it in place as she got her headphones out and turned on some music. It was a nice morning, or at the very least, cool. It'd get way hotter in the day, she'd be dodging going back to the Fens which without the rest of the city's much more punctual clean up for the tourist city reeked in the summer heat with the accumulation of trash. She could probably go gathering it, but in what? Her car just wasn't big enough, and she really did
  8. Aoiroo

    Empty Night

    June 23rd, 9:48 PM Shadows were long as the sun was finally setting on the hot, hot, hot summer night and Silhouette was seriously considering a new costume. Leather was nice in the winter, it was cool in New Jersey weather and good for keeping warm during the long winter. The summer however, well she was just glad she only did this at night because otherwise she might of passed out in the smoldering rays of the daytime sun. Practical considerations aside, Sil's wardrobe did it's job, as she walked against the walls of Southerside she just looked like a personless shadow wandering the street
  9. [floatr][/floatr] Character Name: Silhouette Power Level: 14 (202/209PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent PP: 7 Progress To Platinum Status: 104/120 Bronze Reward: Equipment 4 for Silhouette, Equipment 3 & Minion 8 for Changeling Silver Reward: 3rd PC, PL8/120PP (Catalyst) In Brief: An ambush character and close ranger brawler with the ability to turn flat. Alternate Identity: Caroline Wendle Identity: Secret Birthplace: Athens, GA, USA Occupation: Freelancer Affiliations: None Family: Demarco, Marilyn, Alison, Trent Wendle Description: Age: 27 (DoB: April 20th 1986) Gender: Female Ethnicity: C
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