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Port Regal, Freedom City

Thursday, July 4, 2013

7:00 PM


There was a time when Port Regal was one of Freedom City's most affluent districts.  But over the last few decades, that affluence had declined somewhat.  But while many of its mansions and Victorian-era homes had been turned into bed-and-breakfasts or as part of other business ventures, the district still retained some of the trappings of its former glory.  One such example was the Silver Glen Country Club.


Almost a hundred year olds, the exclusive Silver Glen Country Club was originally designed by the well renowned gold course architect, A. W. Tillinghast.  Situated on the northern tip of the western peninsula that jutted out into the Centery Narrows, the country club had a magnificent view of downtown Freedom City and the harbor, as well as the Narrows itself and its northern shore.  As such, it had a long history of hosting a Fourth of July party for Freedom City's high society.


This Fourth of July was no exception.  Located along the western shore of the peninsula,  clubhouse was decorated with red, white and blue steamers and other decorations.  In addition to its large decks and patio areas, the large gardens located next to the clubhouse now had catering tables set up among its well manicured hedges and flower beds, in addition to a makeshift dance floor in the courtyard surrounding a circular fountain.


There was already a good sized crowd of some of Freedom City's wealthiest and most influential, with more arriving by the minute in the parade of sports cars, high-end luxury cars and limousines that were arriving at the front of the clubhouse.

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Megan Howell made her way out onto one of the large patios of the Silver Glen clubhouse, having just arrived at the party a short while earlier in a limousine that had brought her from her apartment in the Wading Way.  The stunning blonde young woman was wearing a strapless jacquard cocktail dress with black Christian Dior heeled sandals.  Her complexion was considerably tanner than was normal, but that was hardly a surprise given that she had spent much of the prior month out of the country.  Among her stops were Spain, southern France, several Greek Isles, parts of eastern Turkey, and, most recently, a couple of days in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival. 


A faint breeze stirred Megan's long blonde hair, causing her to take a deep, contented sigh as she looked out at the grounds, with the incredible view of downtown beyond.  As much as she enjoyed parties at the Midnight Society mansion, in the summer it was far more pleasant to enjoy the open settings provided by Silver Glen or the North Bay Yacht club, as opposed to the walled in gardens in Midtown. 


Taking a champagne glass from a passing waiter in a white uniform, the young woman moved into the crowds to begin to mingle.  Her parents were either here already, or would be shortly, so she kept an eye out for them, wishing once again that her boyfriend was here tonight.  But then, Robert was a member of the British aristocracy, and thus not likely to have much of an attachment to today's holiday.  And in any event, once she was done with the festivities tonight, it would only take her a couple of minutes after returning home to run across the Atlantic to see him. 


In the meantime, Megan intended to fully enjoy herself tonight.

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Amir had, admittedly, forgotten about what today was, as he had been in the office most of today, and it was only a 'kindly' reminder from Ms. van Cleef of what today was, when he called her to hash out some business.  This was followed by a palm to the forehead, swearing, and then a quick change to go travel to Silver Glen.  Of course, he was venturing into 'no longer fashionably late territory,' well if he traveled by car.  Fortunately he had alternate means of travel, and it was a matter of minutes to close the distance between the Summit building and the club.


He arrived at the front door with a bit more flair than he would have had, had he gone by car.  His power reining the momentum shift as he dropped his acceleration down to zero in the span of five feet, having been 'pushing' when he crested over the river.  Then he descended, at a more leisurely pace, before touching down.  "Amir al-Misri, party of one."  Idly dusting off one of the shoulders of his off navy pinstriped Ralph Lauren suit.  And as the doorman gathered himself, the billionaire hero stepped inside, hands tugging at the bottom of the double-breasted white vest, and then slide them into the pockets of his pants, as he sidled his way through the club, engaging in idle banter along the way.

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"Seriously Doud, it's Independence Day, I'm SURE you can find better things to do then to bug me about PR stuff tonight," Jack said into his cellphone exhasperatedly. "Look, I'm at the party, I'll call you later," he interjected before his PR expert could protest and hung up, with a sigh.
Jack stepped out of the Gallardi and walked up to the front door, handing the keys to the valet, smoothing his solid white suit and matching tie out before checking in and heading inside, breathing deeply of the Summer air, and thanking that at least once his evening didn't include flying around in the dark and getting shot at by thugs. He had enough bruises from the shotgun blast he'd taken last night to make him rethink how much power he put into his suit's interial dampening field. Thank god for modern aramid fibers, the thought.
Taking a glass of champagne from a waiter, he moved out onto the veranda and sighed again....this time in surprising dissapointment. It wasn't working.
What is wrong with me that the only thing I can think of when I'm at a nice party filled with beautiful people is dressed up in a Kevlar/boro costume and flying out there and risking my life? I already work too much at the office, and then I put on my wings too. I deserve a night off now and then!
It still didn't feel right though, and Jack sipped his champagne, watching Amir al-Misri land with a raised eyebrow. Guy knows how to make a billion dollars and make an enterence. I could learn a lot from him in that regard, he idly thought.

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"Good evening Mr. al-Misri."  The doorman replied with a nod as he opened the door for Amir.


Amir was just entering the country club when he heard a familiar voice call out from behind him.  "You certainly know how to make an entrance Amir."


Turning around, the superhero/CEO saw Donald and Erin Howell approaching, both smiling warmly.  Donald was dressed in a dark grey suit with a red tie, while his wife was wearing a flowery, sleeveless summer dress.


"Good evening Amir, so very good to see you again."  Erin added to her husband’s comment.  "I hope you have been well?"

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Meanwhile, Megan had run into a couple of partners from her father's law firm and their spouses out on the clubhouse patio and spent a little while talking with them.  The young woman had known both couples pretty much her entire life, and had even briefly dated the son of one couple for part of the summer after her Freshman year at Yale. 


After moving on to continue mingling, the blonde spotted someone she had not seen in sometime, Jack O'Conner.  Jack was about the same age as her older sister Samantha and her parents had been long time supporters of his uncle's mayoral campaigns.  Megan could somewhat recall the shock that had followed Jack’s decision to join AEGIS after he had finished high school, though at the time she had not thought much of it, having other things on her mind as she had started high school at North Bay Academy (such as clothes, cheerleading and boys).  More recently, she had followed the various financial and scientific news on his new company, Freedom Consolidated (not a particularly difficult task when one could speed read as fast as she could).


Shifting direction slightly, she moved to intercept Jack as he made his way through the crowd. "Well, it it isn't one of Freedom City's favored sons."  She said in greeting with a dazzling smile.  "It is good to see you Jack, it has been awhile."

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Nodding to the doorman, he offered up a winning smile, as he stepped into the club proper.  Hearing Donald speak, he turned towards them, and shrugged a little bit at his words.  "Sometimes I cannot help myself, such as when I realize I am late for an engagement such as this and even the Koenigsegg is far, far too slow to get somewhere.  If you think I was subtle I can come back with lasers and explosions and such."  Turning his hands up, he spread them wide, and then shrugged once more.  That smile having become a mischievous grin as he looked at them both


"I am well Erin, busy as ll get out, but well.  It is nice to see you both.  How have you both been?"  Stepping towards then, he held out a hand towards them in a familiar fashion.

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