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Found 4 results

  1. GM Port Regal, Freedom City Thursday, July 4, 2013 7:00 PM There was a time when Port Regal was one of Freedom City's most affluent districts. But over the last few decades, that affluence had declined somewhat. But while many of its mansions and Victorian-era homes had been turned into bed-and-breakfasts or as part of other business ventures, the district still retained some of the trappings of its former glory. One such example was the Silver Glen Country Club. Almost a hundred year olds, the exclusive Silver Glen Country Club was originally designed by the well renowned gold course architect, A. W. Tillinghast. Situated on the northern tip of the western peninsula that jutted out into the Centery Narrows, the country club had a magnificent view of downtown Freedom City and the harbor, as well as the Narrows itself and its northern shore. As such, it had a long history of hosting a Fourth of July party for Freedom City's high society. This Fourth of July was no exception. Located along the western shore of the peninsula, clubhouse was decorated with red, white and blue steamers and other decorations. In addition to its large decks and patio areas, the large gardens located next to the clubhouse now had catering tables set up among its well manicured hedges and flower beds, in addition to a makeshift dance floor in the courtyard surrounding a circular fountain. There was already a good sized crowd of some of Freedom City's wealthiest and most influential, with more arriving by the minute in the parade of sports cars, high-end luxury cars and limousines that were arriving at the front of the clubhouse.
  2. Pyramid Plaza, Freedom City Thursday June 27, 2013 8:20 AM The sun had been up in Freedom City for close to three hours already. On most days, Jack O’Conner would have been in the office before the sun came up, but last night he had spent a good bit the night tracking some Mafia goons through Southside until he was able to catch them in the act of picking up a shipment of drugs. Accordingly, his day was starting a little bit later than usual. At least he had an easy "commute." The elevator that had carried the young CEO of Freedom Consolidated from his penthouse on the 90th floor of Tower One, arrived with a *DING* at the company's offices on the 65th floor of the same tower. It was a short walk from the elevator bank to reception area, where Jack was greeted by the bright and cheerful face of the receptionist, Whitney Wilcox. "Good morning Mr. O'Conner." Whitney said in greeting. A fairly recent graduate of Freedom City University, she was an attractive brunette. Along with her energetic personality, the young woman had great attention to detail and was always willing to take on extra projects for various departments.
  3. July 1st, 2013, 8:59 PM Freedom City, "The Fens" "How's the specifications on the prototype coming?" Jack said over the cellphone as he banked left around a neon sign. "We're not getting the same corrosion problems the Friedrichshafen model had thanks to that WE43B alloy we bought up, but we're having problems with the beta-alumina solid electrolyte matrix," Louis said, his slight Quebeci accent showing through when he spoke. "The electrolyte saline mixture isn't reacting as well with the BASE as we'd initially hoped," he explained. "It's probably the mixture. Use the secondary BASE solution we had for the solid state ceramix matrix. We had better results with that one anyway," Jack said as he banked right between an alley, saying out of sight, or at least attempting too. "....the sim is working now. My god Jack, I can't believe we got this thing to work as it is. It's half as heavy as the Friedrichshafen model but it's still getting eighty-three...no wait, eighty-FIVE percent fuel efficiency out of biogas!" the engineer said, obviously exalting at the mechanical triumph. "Jack, if we take this to the Pentagon, we'll," he began, but Jack instantly cut him off. "No. The Pentagon, Louis? They don't need MCFC tech for their vehicles. Look, I worked for AEGIS for four years, you have to trust me on this: the Pentagon has directed-energy weaponry, telepresense technology, and now things like bio-modified soldiers and cybernetics running through it's think tanks constantly, and some of this stuff it's had since 1984. Absolutely zero of these high-tech solutions are getting to the civilian market. I understand the need to properly equip troops, but some of these technologies, especially the biochemistry and cybernetics ones, could really help people, but hospitals don't have it, because the military wants it all for themselves for 'national security' reasons. The world doesn't need more super-science gadgets, they need super-science solutions." Jack said with an edge in his voice. He softened up as he continued speaking. "Louis, remember when we started FreedomCon, we looked at groups like Grant Conglomerates, corporations that develop cutting-edge bio treatments and cybernetics and said we wouldn't do that? Well selling off these MCFC schematics will be the first step down that road. What I'm proposing is civilian applications for it. Cars that burn their fuels with 85% efficiency, and zero carbon waste? Hell, if you combined it with a steam engine add-on you could increase efficiency by another twenty, twenty-five percent! I'm talking about being the next Nikolai Tesla here, revolutionizing the energy industry! Let's not be Edison and rip off Tesla's ideas for profit margins here." Louis was silent for a few moments before answering. "You're right, Jack. Sorry, I got carried away," he apologized. Jack shook his head, even as he landed on the brick ledge of the rooftop and crouched to mimize his visibility. "It's alright. Hey, if it makes you feel better even without the Pentagon contracts we're already growing so fast that we'll overtake MarsTech in a year or less. Freedom Consolidated isn't just going to make money. We're gonna save the world with this stuff." Jack said, and Louis laughed a little, as did almost everyone who heard Jack say things like that. "If you want to save the world Jack, go join the Freedom League, they do it more often then we ever will," Louis chastised. "I'm still waiting on their invitation Louis," he quipped back, smiling at the inside joke. "Look, I have to go, the people I've been meaning to see are here. We'll chat later," he said, hanging up the comlink earpiece under his helmet with a tap.
  4. This is the OOC-thread for "Just Another Working Night", wherin Wings investigates and busts a gang known in the Fens as "The Trolls" trafficking the super-steroid "Max", and discovers kernels of a larger criminal conspiracy behind the scenes. Jack's foes are mostly goons using the Gang Member and Mutant Gangmember archetype from the Iron Age handbook, as many of the Trolls are mutated from repreated abuse of Max and other super-steriod, becoming hulking muscle-brutes, hence their gang's nickname.
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