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If his servo was a cannon... (IC)

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Jupiter, Sol System, 3rd May 2013 1100 UTC


With a flash of light and more exotic particles they appeared several kilometres from Jupiter and began to “swim†toward the Gas Giant. They had many names in the various languages of the Milky Way and its Global Clusters most of them related to their appearance to various large marine animals. The Lor tended to use a term that roughly correspond to the human term Leviathans.


It was hard to tell their number it’s was in the hundred’s, being creatures as must plasma and magnetic fields as physical flesh some had already begun to merge there’s essences to produce new-borns. With the smallest being the size of a Lear Jet any one of them could be considered a threat yet there had never been a recorded attack by these gentle giants of the spaceways. No one was truly sure how intelligent they were they could be tamed and made to carry out tasks, but their minds were to vast to alien for any telepaths to get a reading. One thing that suggested some intelligence was the Jumping dreams that some telepath’s would receive a day or two before the majestic creature’s actually made their move, which could reveal the systems the creature’s would be there destination.


Though majestic creatures they would have been of little interest of the various Interstellar powers except for one thing, they could at a instance travel billions of Parsec’s and always seeming to arrive where they wished. It seemed to take them vast amounts of energies and they rested for many months after the journey. A live tamed Leviathan would make a crew rich enough to support many generations. All of the great powers of the Galaxy banned such practices, even the Grue though there gigantic bio-ships were strangely similar, and tended to protect the creatures when they arrived. However the creatures had started to wander further beyond the border of these powers, displaced by war, to area beyond their control.


However whilst their energies of their arrival were detectable over a Parsec away there Jumping dream’s allowed the various interstellar agencies to arrange protection of the creature’s when they arrived.

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Henry, the Solar Sentinel, loved flying in space. He really did. Especially exploring the solar system he called home. It was amazing to see things that he knew few other humans had seen. Sometimes, after a particularly long or brutal shift with the fire department, he would take off into space for a few hours and enjoy the amazing vistas of the solar system before returning home. When the other guys went to the bar, he went in to space. What drink could compete with the view of Jupiter he had now?


He was there by sheer coincidence when the leviathans arrived. He was amazed by their sheer size, and instantly knew that what he had witnessed was a rare thing indeed. He wasn't sure why they were here, though. He had heard of creatures like this, vague stories. Why would their space travel routes be so far off course?

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With a flash of blue light, Red Moon re-transferred herself from energy to mass once again, halting far above the rings of Jupiter. The Farsider peered out from the depths of her smoke-filled helmet, watching the elegant yet massive Leviathans with a dour look. Atraxia wasn't a true telepath, but she had gotten the same dreams as they on the same night, and like the psychics of her race had seen the bizarre creatures flashing into the system. She'd heard rumors about the majestic space whales and seen pictures taken by the Lor on their visits, but to see them spread out above her, large as life and glowing with energy, that was something to take her breath away. At least it would have if she had any breath to take.


It hadn't taken long to figure out what planet was their destination, Farside City had sensors powerful enough to at least make educated guesses about how the Lor Blockade was faring. The Lunar Vampire knew that sooner or later some cruisers would come by to keep watch over the exotic animals, but just once, just this one time...'At least I can see them once, if only for a little while...Wait, who could that be?' she had suddenly caught sight of the blue-blazing Solar Sentinel. Sitting with crossed legs in the vacuum, the heroine settled in to keep watch. He was fast though, and in her heart she knew she couldn't catch him if he was there to make trouble. It didn't improve her mood any.

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The Aglæc-wif wasn’t a pretty ship or a spacious one, it was built for only purpose the hauling of massive cargo’s through interstellar space and this vessel had been altered for a very special cargo. The ship was crewed by Trine a species of four armed humanoids from the edge of Khanate territory, after an accident in their past they could only survive through cloning there male’s having been completely wiped out.


Herja the captain of the vessel and the only warrior Trine on the vessel paced the decked with a nervous energy, her second Róta watch her with concern.

“I don’t like this, flying blind through hyperspace, what is that creature doing?â€

Standing at the front of the ship staring out into the swirling colors of hyperspace was the cause of the Herja’s discomfort a robot. Robot were fairly common but there was something disturbing about this one maybe it was the strange way it moved, like a puppet, or it’s unusual voice. If the stories were true he was ancient, built by a race when the current Population I stars were still forming. He called himself The Probability of a Singular Result, most of the crew referred to him as The Singular.


++Here, stop this vessel++


The helmswoman followed the robot’s instructions and dropped the ship out of Hyperspace.


As the two heroes watched the magnificent sight of the Leviathan a rather ugly looking ship, defiantly not a Lor craft, dropped out of Hyperspace near to the herd. No vessel should have been able to react so quickly to the arrival of the space creatures…

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Solar Sentinel stared at the huge, lumbering ship. He had no idea what it was doing, and no idea why it was there. He couldn't very well just attack it, but he certainly could not permit it to harm the creatures. So, he elected to hover there, watching to see what the ship would do. If it took any action, he'd be ready in case it was trying to harm the magnificent creatures.

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Seeing the distant blue figure holding their ground, Red Moon glanced back at the coarse, angular ship. Nothing else for it.


With a blue-red flash as her body transferred mass into energy, the psionic vampire flashed across the gulf between her and the Aglaec-Wif, a red streak across the vacuum that stopped right in front of the dock before another change began, and her body became subtly less, somehow less solid than before. Reaching forward she slid a gloved hand through the harsh carapace of the hull, shuddering as the ship's cold seeped around her dead fingers. Gathering courage she stepped forward and vanished into the ship.


With a soft whisper the towering Farsider appeared on the bridge, her terrasuit's translator making her words crackle and hiss as she said in Lor Galactic Standard "Greetings. I am Red Moon, one of the defenders of this system. Who are you, and why are you here? If you want to steal those creatures, I suggest you turn around and leave at once." glancing around the bridge behind her smoke-filled helmet, she fought back an edge of nervousness at being surrounded by so many strange people.



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A strange voice came from a willow looking robot peering out of the bubble like view screen, it excluded age as if the automaton was somehow ancient.

++There that one deploy the collectors.++

The robot pointed to one of the Leviathans that had seemed to fallen behind the rest. It then turned with with strange spidery movement to look at Red Moon.

++You are an occupant of Sol’s III moon your subspecies refer to yourself as Farsider’s. Your cardiovascular system show’s that you are an anomaly. You will be contained for later study and possible disposal.++

From above Red Moon he could hear the whine of a containment field.

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Outside in Jovian space Solar Sentinel could she the Aglæc-wif spring into action. It massive cargo door, massive enough to swallow a supertanker, and deploy the almost gossamer strands of an energy net. It glowed a beautiful rainbow of colours as it caught all the radiation given off by Jupiter. If was breathtakingly beautiful if you ignore the devious purpose of the device.


Also from the bay dropped a dozen or so small space transports that zipped away towards a Leviathan that was trailing behind the rest.

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Atraxia blinked her dried eyelids as she peered out of the smoke-filled helmet 'Wait...they know about Farside Ci-? Of course! The Lor have detailed maps of the entire system' Baring her teeth she began, the Farsiders voice thrumming with electronic anger "I am a sapient creature with full protection under the law, not a specimen for you to study!"

Almost at first hearing the field's dull whine as it powered up, Red Moon had leaped into action! Kicking off from the floor she spun out from under the shimmering blue cage as it slammed into place, long arms and spindly legs hitting the ground with almost spider-like grace. Panting with surprise, lungs pushing uselessly, the walking corpse turned on the willowy robot.


Rising to her full height, Red Moon's blue eyes shone through the face shield and the swirling blackness. Her mind raced with what to do. She doubted she could really win in a fight like this, but if she could just get them to leave...it was worth a shot, and that woman in silver and black named after the Earth bird did it pretty well. 'Time to take a new tack' Pointing at the Singular with an arm that shimmered coldly, her crackling voice echoed from the suit "Call off your drones and leave at once, or you shall answer to the fury of..the RED MOON!"

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