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General Malaise (OOC)


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OOC for thread. 


El Heraldo & Young Brittania face of Madam Malaise in the modern era!


Ari/TiffK I have left this somewhat open for you to progress with. I suggest either you guys are on a social visit to the Zoo, or you have been somehow steered there (with various levels of explicitness / subtletly) by your patrons. 

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And Giant Snake finishes this round with a Gaping maw at El Heraldo. 


For reference, the Snake is Gargantuan in size, now sixty feet long and as wide as a man. 


Attack +2, Defence +2, Toughness +12, With a STR of 40 (+15 Damage DC) and Grapple of +33


He lunges at El Heraldo -2 DC, +2 ATtack...1D20+4 => 21


Which hits! a DC 28 Toughness Roll, and with improved grab feat, an opposed Grapple roll please: Snakes is 1D20+33 => 44


Another HP to El Heraldo for getting crushed saving a little girl. Giving him 6 HP!

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