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Blod Diamond (OCC)

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If people can give me a Gather Inforation or any appropriate Knowledge Skill DC 10


The Lockwood collection mostly consists of a series of items of a Victorian Inventor. It includes a Ada

Difference Engine, a Ether Projectile weapon and the S-T telegraph amoung other item of undecided function.



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Sure no problems. This is what Lord Steam figure's out.


The size and cut of the diamond, as everyone's figured out, make's it impossible to sell for a profit. So either she has some other use for the diamond, she did mention that she was an engineer, or the diamond isn't what she's after.


Oh and Lord Steam 1 HP.

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Blodeuwedd 1d20+9=28


Oscar and Oswald Bot 1d20=16, 1d20=1


Madame Vapeur 1d20+2=4


So we have


28 Blodeuwedd, unharmed, 3 hp

21 Lord Steam, unharmed, 2 hp

16 Oscar Bot, unharmed, GM

13 El Heraldo, unharmed, 5 hp

4 Madame Vapeur, unharmed, GM

3 Oswald Bot, unharmed, GM


But wait you say aren't everyone HP's to high? well read on.


Blodeuwedd Attack roll 1d20+10=22, it hit's but Mme Vapeur is a hologram :shock: . So extra HP to everyone (see I told you :)) and Lord Steam get's his go.

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Okay, he will transform for a Free Action using Quick Change into the costume of EL HERALDO!

Awesome, now for him to attack. Move Action up to the Oswald Statue, All-Out Power Attack with the Strike power (+2 Damage, -2 Defence): 10.  Rerolling that(4HP) left 11. +10 makes that a 21. DC28 Toughness save.


Setting a Reaction to Interpose for the next attack against Lord Steam.


EDIT: Free Action to tell the people in the exhibit to get out of there.

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