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Leaves in the Wind [OOC]


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All right, then. 


Plant Host: 29, Unharmed, 0 HP

Fleur de Joie: 18, Unharmed, 5 HP

Willow: 18, Unharmed, 2 HP

Gaian Knight: 13, Unharmed, 4 HP

Tiamat: 9, Unharmed, 0 HP

Comrade Frost: 3, Unharmed, 2 HP


The Plant Host goes first and shifts Plant Mimicry to give herself the following suite: 


-Applies Targeted Area Burst to Unarmed [12 PP].

-Links Drain Toughness 9 to Unarmed [9 PP].

-Applies Impervious Toughness 12 to CON. [12 PP]

-Additional Limbs 4 [4 PP]


She then takes a swing at both Willow and Fleur as vines creep out of her. That's a 36, with a DC27 Toughness save if it connects. 


Fleur is up next. 

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Hits Fleur, but does not hurt.


Those vines do NOT look like they belong in the places where they are coming out of, eeek! They better go away. Fleur is going to use her Disintegration power to try and make that happen. DC 23 Fortitude save to avoid the Drain Toughness, followed by a DC 28 Toughness save. 


Move action to seek cover. 

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GK stunts:

Move Object 13 (Lifting STR 65 [Heavy Load: 100 tons]; Extras: Range [Perception]) [39pp]

And he catches the thing with the power of rocks and dirt. Almost certainly not a pleasant landing, but a step up from a straight fall!

Tiamat moves in to help anyone inside.

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Okay. Given the rolls for Fleur de Joie and Comrade Frost, it appears that her autonomic functions are out-of-whack - slow heartrate, rapid breathing, things like that. Dysautonomia is associated with things ranging from autoimmune disorders to brain injury to degenerative neurological diseases. 

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Willow is going to imbue the hurt girl with some of the power that fuels her, with the intention of healing her.


Healing 17 (Extras: Total, Flaws: Limited to Others, Tiring, Feats: Persistent, Regrowth, Stabilize) [20PP]


This exhausts Willow, who will spend 1 HP to instead be fatigued.

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Both Tiamat and Sorus are aware that the Champions are a superteam based out of San Francisco that deals with threats to both the city and the West Coast. Tiamat is aware that Haruspex was a mystic who was active on the team for some time before her death; Comrade Frost is aware that she died in 2004 to keep a Dark Lord from claiming San Francisco as a permanent fiefdom. 

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There is green everywhere. Not just in Berkeley, but in Marin, Silicon Valley, Oakland, and San Francisco proper. In some places, it seems to have grown wild and free; in others, it seems perfectly ordered, like the world's largest garden. Then there's the fact that in the wild places, species that should be invasive or competitive for nutrients - like roses along side dandelions - are growing perfectly without either suffering for it. Downtown San Francisco is particularly thick with green - the Transamerica Building looks like a gigantic Christmas tree, with multiple blossoms forming the "lights" - but there's no gigantic patch of green that might indicate a point of origin.


Fleur does get a sense over the ESP, however, that feeling you get when you pick up a phone and there's someone on the other line but they're not talking...

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