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Diving into Academics (IC)

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2013, February 17, 8:15 AM

Claremont Academy


It was funny to think that a whole month ago, the city was in complete turmoil.  The aftermath of which included the odd protest or two outside the school grounds, that were quickly curbed.  The current state of affairs did absolutely no favors for any student attempting to transfer into the academy unnoticed.  Especially one with a long sordid history of occasional property damage.  However, resiliency was bred thoroughly on the campus and every where one would turn students could be seen carrying on as if nothing had ever occurred on the campus itself.  Not counting the odd parent or two whom had pulled out their students out of concern for their well being it was business as normal.


All of which allowed Thaelia to breathe a long sigh of relief.  Education that didn't involve private tutors was already foreign enough.  Adding in the bonus of living in a new land to obtain that education, and well the muscular young teen was thrown for a loop.  Having unpacked in her quaint dorm room, the teen would exit donning a collar bloused and fitted jeans.  The effort of which it took to purchase a story of its own.  The Atlantean royal would move about absentmindedly strolling through the grounds. Fully intent on taking it all in and experiencing all the sights and smells the surface had to offer.

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Despite Crow's assertion that the Oak tree was somehow malicious, at least to Crow, Blodeuwedd found the tree somehow comforting. She often came here just to read or think things through, something she'd been doing a lot of the last few weeks. Though her costume kept her warm, whatever its appearance, she had chosen for it to appear as a chunky jumper and warm woollen coat. One her head she wore a knitted hat, a welcomed gift.

On seeing a possible new student her first instinct was to check the higher branches of the tree, Crow had a habit of popping in when newcomers arrived. Once she was sure that the coast was clear she dropped down to the ground, making sure she could be noticed, and walked over to the newcomer. She didn't quite smile but she appeared as friendly as she could.

"Hello there I'm Cerys welcome to Claremonts."

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Tona Baudin walked out of the administration building in her fleece-lined Claremont jacket, quiver and bow resting on her back. Saturday was a day to slack off and play for most students, so she had been hoping to find the Doom Room unoccupied. Unfortunately Next-Gen had apparently booked it for a full three hours for some underwater simulation. That left Tona at loose ends. Hypothetically she could go into town, either alone or with her friends, but she still wasn't entirely comfortable around them, given what her Curator double had done. Perhaps she could start in on her homework...

Crossing the campus, Tona noticed Cerys talking to a taller, pale, well-built girl. Her first instinct was to steer well clear of the Welsh ninja, but it was impossible to avoid someone for long on Claremont's campus. So Tona marched straight up ton the new girl and stuck out her hand. "Bonjour," she said, doing her best not to eye Cerys. "I am Tona Baud in. I don't think I've seen you around here before."

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Thaelia was a bit surprised by the other girl dropping from the tree.  Almost jumping back slightly from being caught off guard at the sight.  Taking note to check the foliage for others in the future she would nod before returning the greeting to Certs.  "Thaelia.  Charmed, I'm sure.  I do appreciate the welcome.  Is jumping out of branches normal behavior on campus?"


The girl wasn't bothered by the lack of smiling as Certs introduced herself.  In fact Thaelia's demeanor was a bit  on the stiff side, as  she tried to put on her own air of friendliness.  Taking a slight step forward, she would tilt her head upwards to examine the tree in question.  Point blank there wasn't a day of the week in which she would even consider being able to name what type of tree it was.  And an even smaller chance of her caring.  But by virtue of it being a tree, it was still  the most interesting sight in view.  Underwater forests existed, but they weren't exactly common sights.


Her attention soon shifted as another girl appeared on the scene in clothes in clothes equally inclined for the temperature as the first.  Which was Thaelia's first indication that the temperature may be colder than people were used to.  Fluent in four tongues, one of them a dead language, and the French greeting went right over her head.  "Bon-what?  Um yeah, Thaelia.  Pleasure."  She stared at the hand for a moment before extending her own and trying for what she hoped was not a firm grip.

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Blodeuwedd couldn't help but feel a little sad at Tona avoiding her eye line, but she could understand why Tona was still a little distant when she was around. Hopefully soon she and her friend would be able to talk about what happened. But right now probably wasn't the best of times.

"Good to see you today Tona, and nice to meet you Thaelia." She answered in her sing song Welsh voice "And no it's not natural to find students hiding up trees. I tend to go up there for some privacy; I hope I didn't startle you."

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Tona ignored both girls paying unusual attention to Crowe's tree, and assumed that if he got stuck in it that he'd make enough noise that she wouldn't be caught off guard. She was surprised to find how strong Thaelia was -- it almost felt like Mali's grip! Tona squeezed back though, her stubborn pride leading her to give as good as she got. "Cerys is pretty good at climbing trees," she said, trying to keep her tone even while her knuckles went white. "I think it's more fun to climb the walls, but the teachers think that's too dangerous."

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So as far as she could tell climbing trees was not the status quo, but climbing in general was.  Having absolutely nothing in the way of tact and seeing the awkward looks going on directly in front of her Thaelia would simply begin to blurt out what was on her mind.  "Did something happen between you two?"  Thaelia blinked twice as she saw examined Tona's hand during the wait for a response.  Assuming it was probably a good moment to release the grip, she'd pull back slightly so as to get her own palm back and avoid being goaded into a firmer handshake.

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Tona clenched her teeth at the question. "Of course not," she said, which was a baldfaced lie and utterly truthful at the same time. Nothing had happened between Cerys and Tona -- the fight had been between Cerys and a robotic duplicate of Tona. Which didn't mean that there wasn't anything to talk about, but Tona wasn't about to go into the details with a stranger. She was happy to her her hand back intact, and stuck it behind her back so she could surreptitiously massage it.

"So, Thaelia. That's an unusual name. Are you from the city?"

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"Hey there!" A cheerful voice rang out from the classroom doors, the swarthy, powerfully-built and handsome figure of Subito Sondo walked with rapid strides over to the trio of girls across the quad. Catching sight of Tona he said briskly "Hi Tona." Sauntering up next to Cerys he paused for a moment to give the lithe girl a quick kiss on the cheek, turning bright hazel eyes and a friendly smile curiously to Thaelia. Subito was dressed in his usual spotless white t-shirt, blue jeans that looked like they had gone to Hell and back, scuffed ochre running shoes and baseball cap proclaiming the glory of the Freedom City Blades. A light flannel shirt was his only concession to the weather, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, leaving his muscular forearms bare.


Taking in the mood he shrugged and doffed his hat, sticking it in his pants rear pocket. Offering the towering girl a hand he shook hers briskly, wincing appreciatively at her strength. Blowing some of his dark curls out of his face, the boy said "Welcome to Claremont Academy! I'm Subito Sondo, pleased to meet ya! I think I heard you introducin' yourself as Thaelia, right?" Relinquishing his hand he added brightly "Nice grip! You already know where t'go?"

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For a split second Blodeuwedd was tempted for a few seconds to spill everything to this new girl. It troubled her that despite being good at reading people body language Tona's double had share a room with her for at least three weeks without Blodeuwedd noticing that anything was amiss.

At least now she could tell that it wasn't a subject Tina wanted to talk about. And that this newcomer had slightly off body language. Why was every new starter a mystery she would have to solve.

Never was she more pleased when Subito bumbled into to break up a possibility tense moment. Despite herself she blushed at his little peck on the cheek.

"Subito and myself are sort of dating." She explained to Thaelia.

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Shaking her head in Tona's direction before replying to her query.  "No, I'm from out of town."  She pointed outwardly towards what Thaelia assumed would be the direction of the ocean.  Though far more likely to simply appear as if she was pointing at a random building.  Still she gave the expression that simply screamed she was assuming the point being made was clear as day.  As Subito let got of the grip and gave his girlfriend a display of affection, Thaelia stared.  Despite the second compliment to her handshake strength, Thaelia was more distracted as to why the boy's grip was somewhat notable.  


She nodded to take in the statements of the pair.  "Ah, I see.  I read a booklet with a map of the campus.  As long as it's not out of date I think I should be able to get around."  The mood seemed to lighten at the boy's perkiness.  Which made it easy for Thaelia to push the clenched answer aside as the conversation continued. 

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Blodeuwedd cocked an eyebrow at how vague Thaelia's comment about her home was, there were many people at Claremont's who didn't want t talk about where they came from. It took at least a month before Tona told he about her home-world and Sam only told her about her upbringing because of her Magical knowledge. But the one advantage of dealing with people who were blunt in there manner was that they, normally, didn’t mind if you spoke the same way. And maybe she was a little irked that she had bought up the tension between herself and Tona.


"Out of town covers quite a bit of territory. Quite a few of us aren't from around here, I'm from Wales Subito is originally from Puerto Rica and friend of ours called Giang is from Vietnam. And that just the ones from our Earth..." she made sure not to look towards Tona at that comment "So if you don't mind me asking where exactly do you come from?"

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"That's great! I like the grand tour as much as the next guy, but three times might be too many!" Subito laughed. The sturdy boy casually leaned against the tree, eyes lighting up as he realized where Thaelia was indicating. "Wow, from the ocean? That's awesome! Ooh! There was an Atlantean girl named Thetis that was here for a few years, she called herself Nereid, was on Next-Gen. Know 'bout her?" 'Her being from the same city would not mean she knows the royal family by name. Be not so presumptive What? Come on, we know the name of the President and like the Queen! This is totally reasonable! I disagree, not the same society for one thing'

Rubbing the back of his head and frowning at apparently nothing, the muscular Puerto Rican added "I mean...not assumin' you do or anything."

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Subito was able to pick up rather quickly what the girl was talking about.  Which pleased her as it gave her some false notion of being understood in what she was expressing.  Even if his reaction afterwards amounted to him making himself upset for whatever reason.  Not that Thaelia was attempting to hide anything, she honestly believed herself to be clear as day.  And simply didn't think twice on it.  "Oh, I thought I was being clear perhaps I should have pointed downwards?  I now know for the future.  To answer your question, I come from Atlantis as Subito has figured out.  And yes, I do know her.  She's my cousin.  I do not take after her in the turning into water deal.  But that is a whole other thing."

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Tona's eyebrows went up when Suibto mentioned the girl being from Atlantis -- and then she confirmed it. "That's amazing'" she said, a note of awe entering her voice. Intellectually she knew that a former member of the Freedom League and even a fee Claremonters were from exotic locales such as Dakana or Ultima Thule, but meeting someone from there was another thing entirely. She looks so normal, Tona thought. No gills or anything.

"So why have you come to Freedom City," she asked. "It can't be more exciting than Atlantis."

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"Wait...Atlantis? I thought you were just from the ocean! You're seriously from the legendary underwater city? Duuude..." Whistling in amazement, the muscular Puerto Rican boy looked at the towering girl with no little admiration. "W-what's it like? Living in Atlantis I mea-" he broke in with an excited look right as Tona began talking. Starting he looked at the young archer apologetically and quickly shook his head, saying "Sorry, what Tona said." Turning ever so slightly to Cerys he murmured "The Order ever meet folks from Atlantis? Find their stuff? I don't remember your organization havin'much to do with the sea."


He twirled his cap on one finger, watching the imposing sub-marine girl with anticipation. Whatever reason she had, it had to be a good one! 'Or it could be the king and queen want good soldiers. This place has an emphasis on teaching supers how to use their abilities best Meh, still pretty awesome!'

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Maybe she was little jaded the world of magic was almost an everyday thing to her. Atlantis was just a fact of life to her.


“When you live in a place it tend just to be the place you live in, I’m sure that for most people living here Freedom City is just a place they call home.â€


She was just kicking herself for not noticing the connection with Thaelia, though the Order and Atlantis had very few encounters. At least in more recent times, the only aquatic people that sometimes gave the order trouble…



“We’ve not had many encounters with the Atlanteans, but we do have intermittent trouble with the Fomori who live off the coast of the Tory Island. I think most people call them Deep One’s now. They try and set up outpost in Cardigan Bag even couple of decades…â€


She paused and turned to Thaelia all smile now; she was trying to play the part of the perfect host.


“I’m sorry this must be all new to you, the school I mean. Would you like us to give the tour? Or at least show you to the Dorms.â€

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"Exciting is what one makes of it.  While this isn't exactly the same as clashing blades with a barbarian, I do find it exciting.  Thetis spoke highly of her time here, and I would like to experience a little of what she lived.  I will have to break the next person that asks me an odd question next time I eat fish."  As she finished her statement the girl would glare off absent-mindedly before returning her attention to the conversation at hand.


Turning to Subito she would cross her arms as Thaelia formed the words to describe what daily living would be like.  Her voice raised erratically as she struggled to maintain a low voice in the excitement of speaking of home.  Speaking above sea level was a lot quieter than below and it was an adjustment.  "Living in Atlantis is an enjoyable experience.  It is far different than the surface as our society favored mystical advancements over technological ones.  That isn't to say we don't have our own technological strides.  As swimming from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to here is quite the trek when not using a vehicle.  But an Atlantean vessel would be powered by a mystical item unlike your boats which pollute the oceans."


Finally, she would smile at Cerys while addressing the question of the tour.  "As I told your mate I do have one of the maps from the student orientation package.  And have already made my way to the dorms.  But I could do with a walk around the grounds.  Seeing as it is technically my first experience in an actual school.  I was taught by tutors before."

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"Kickass! Glad she had such a great time! I never got to meet her, but from what I've heard she was awesome."


Subito laughed awkwardly and stuffed his hat back into the back pocket, though he still slipped an arm around Cerys's waist "Ha! Uh, well, I wouldn't call us 'mates', I mean, not that way-" he glanced over at the agent shyly "I mean, unless you'd like to..." suddenly he remembered what they were talking about and turned quickly back to Thaelia, all smiles and brimming with energy.


"Oh! You wanna to the tour thing anyhow? Sure! I've been tour guide a couple times before, for both these awesome ladies in fact!" he added with a quick nod to Tona "Still haven't found that guy who flaked out on ya Blodeu" he added with an almost hilariously serious look "but I will not rest until he's caught. Alright!" he swung back around to the Atlantean "So, how about we go the classic route: library, cafeteria, gym, then whatever you wanna see?" the muscular boy suggested eagerly, bouncing on his heels, eyes blazing with delight as he mind raced with the images of what life in Atlantis sounded like to him 'Magic all over the place! It must be amazing! Perhaps, but it would become familiar and dull with time, like many things Awww, don't be like that Dama! C'mon' One thing in particular caught his attention, and he looked quite curious "Wait...you guys have got barbarians? Like, Deep Ones and stuff, right? I've never heard about anythin' like that. The Fomori barbaric folks Cerys?"


 "Hey Tona, you wanna come show the newbie 'round?" he asked with a warm, winning smile.

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Tona's mouth went dry for a moment, as all the ways this situation could go horribly awry flashed through her mind like a grim chorus line. It hadn't been that long ago that Cerys had been forced to kill someone that looked a lot like her, and the air between them was still uneasy. Nevertheless, there wasn't any point in avoiding her; the school wasn't that big, and they would have to confront the issue eventually. "Oui," she said. "Although, I should tell you that the most exciting part of the school is already being used." She glanced longingly towards the administration building, and wondered when three hours would be up.

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"The sea isn't only made up of Atlanteans and Deep Ones.  There are a wide range of creatures that inhabitant the world outside of the view out.  We, Atlanteans, are a warrior people.  With all that implies good and bad, not every one of my kind swears their loyalty to King Theseus, the man you may know as Sea King.  Some separate becoming warlords, barbarians, or maybe just travelers, and hermits.  The more barbaric ones occasionally raid ships for profit and enjoyment.  I find stopping them to be just as fun."  Thaelia responded matter-of-factly while crossing her arms.  She didn't quite get the subtlety of whatever Subito was trying to get across with the jumbled up defense of the mate.  It was in no way a statement on Atlanteans and moreso on her own personal views.
Although the lecture could have sounded like some sort of guest circuit speaker on Atlantean culture, skimping over important details on politics and such, her summary was merely a product of her upbringing and what she considered worth mentioning.  Her head instantly snapped in Tona's direction eyes brimming with curiosity.  "Most exciting part?  Can we start with there instead of the library?  The last library I was in I ended up breaking with a stone pillar."
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Tona shrugged. "There's a place called the Doom Room, which can become almost any sort of place you want. It's used for combat training, so we don't have to go to all sorts of exotic, out of the way locals to train." She sighed. "But Next-Gen's in there right now. They're doing some kind of underwater exercise, and they have it booked for the next couple of hours. So we can't get in to look at it right now."

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"Tona likes it because she's had a very sheltered life, where she rarely got to see other places" Subito explained gravely to Thaelia "She's only been to a  few other worlds, and a handful of places outside the city. Whereas I've had a very full schoolin' and been in this universe my whole life, and a mighty two countries besides this one!" Grinning cheerily he added "But yeah, it's pretty neat! And don't worry about the library, I bet you'll be fine!"


Much more interesting to him however was the Atlantean girl's description of renegades, traitors and barbaric warlords battling against the undersea kingdom. The hand not resting against Cerys tightened into a fist, and the muscular boy said softly "Wow. I had no idea that kind of stuff was happenin' under the surface. We should totally get down there sometime, help King Theseus with fighting those guys!" he added excitedly, hazel eyes shining at the idea.


'...Or you could let the Atlanteans deal with such rebels on their own, and not assume that because they have a problem they want people like you getting involved Oh. Crap. Didn't think of that Of course not, why would I assume otherwise?'


He looked suddenly awkward "Uh, I mean...if you guys would be okay with it." Glancing over at the quad exit he added "Eh, gym's next best thing to the Doom Room, I guess? How 'bout we head there, then the library?"

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While sheltered wouldn't be the most apt way to describe the atlantean's life.  It wouldn't be completely wrong.  Her interactions growing up when not sneaking off where often of the scheduled or monitored variety.  Whether her sneaking was the cause or the effect in the situation was far more arguable.  Still her curiosity was piqued at the whole exotic locations other universes and all that.


Thaelia waved the comment off whether circumstances sounded dire or just plain exciting as far as she was aware they were just the normal ins and outs of her life.  "Well Tona's circumstances notwithstanding.  I can't say I personally am as privileged to have had your idea of proper schooling either.  Also as generous though your offer may be.  The fact that you can count the number of atlantean transfer students that you have heard of on hand, should help to ascertain our view on foreign relations.  Just don't sit around waiting by a shell to get an invitation requesting assistance.  Of course things change.  Haha."  The girl would smile nod, and then simply take a step forward.

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"That they do, Thaelia!" Subito agreed "Now, for the gym! S'just down this way!"


Leading the merry band under the broad square arches of the Quad and onto the broad white path, Subtio kept up a steady stream of excited chatter, gesturing at the buildings that they passed on the short trek to the Aaron Cage Gymnasium, with special notice given to the small chapel. "What kinda religion do you have in Atlantis, Thaelia? " he asked curiously as they passed a few feet from the chapel's polished steps, Father Guimont visible inside patiently discussing something with one of the more demonic-looking students "D'you worship the Olympians? Have you met any of 'em?"


Neatly shouldering the doors of the gym open he proceeded briskly with the tour; eagerly showing off the circular high-gravity room where a lean young man was calmly doing push-ups, the shifting climbing walls that already had a gaggle of students laughing as they scrambled up the handholds and footholds, the racks upon racks of weights, the high-speed treadmills and sturdy pulleys, the projectile dodging room, the basketball court and the back room crammed with sports gear. "All of us spend a buncha time here!" the Puerto Rican told the Atlantean with an easy grin, tossing the last soccer ball into the closet and shutting the door with a clang "Feel free to drop by'n join in! Alrighty, that's the gym, now for the library!" spinning around on his heel to Cerys and Tona he asked, bright eyes shining with excitement "Would either of you grand ladies care to expound to the newbie-no offense Thaelia!-on the wonders of our hall of learning?" sticking his hands in his pockets he leaned against the wall, poised and ready to go. He glanced at his slim watch "I think we've got 'bout..another hour and forty-six minutes!"

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