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Danger in the Lost World!


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So after talking with TiffanyKorta, I decided that since dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals are amazing and cool, it might be good for some characters to see them in the wild. What better place to observe them, I thought, than in the LOST WORLD?

Zandar, the Jungle Lord, has sent an invitation to the Freedom League offering to show young heroes the wonders of his world. Two days in the Lost World, seeing a world where savagery is held back by might of arms and where dinos crouch behind every tree! With all the terror and peril such a place contains ready to spring upon the wary and unwary alike!

So 3-4 Claremont students, El Heraldo and Blodeuwedd included. PL 8-10 or so.

It's a very straight-forward and simple adventure that borrows some from the Culling arc of the nuDC Teen Titans(that is, the heroes go to a place with dinosaurs), and continues the tradition of Claremont students going to the Lost World for crazy happenings!

Post away if you are interested or have additional ideas!

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TheAbsurdist, Russoboo, please accept my earnest apologies for not adding you to the party. Four is enough for me, and what I have in mind (what little there is, anyway) is more or less fitted specifically to this band.

Russo our thread will start today, no fear.

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