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A Chimply Awful Situation!


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When Doctor Clarence MacLeod of ASTRO Labs has his latest invention stolen from his on-site laboratory, it turns into more than our heroes bargained for! Now with monkeyshines afoot, its up to some of Freedom City's own supers to stop a gaggle of nefarious inter-dimensional thieves in a race against time before they make off with their ill-gotten gains... and turn all of Freedom City's citizens into simians!


So, that's the general pretext of the adventure. Very cliche', perhaps, but I find that sometimes that's the best way to approach something, and Freedom City as a whole is a setting I'm still vastly unfamiliar with. This will be a sort of one-shot, with four heroes taking up the call to reclaim a dangerous piece of scientific ingenuity from some sneaky primates hailing from Earth-Ape. It could potentially lead to other adventures, but I have yet to plan that far ahead.

AvengerAssembled, of course, has first dibs on a spot if he so chooses to join, since he is the proverbial Master of Monkeydom around here! While I'd love to take more than three other players, I feel like that's more of a workload than I can handle; keeping this as streamlined as I can seems like the sounder route to go.

With all that said, anyone at all interested in this? Questions? Comments? Et cetera?

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