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Save Franklin Moore


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So, Heironymous King and Franklin Moore are not the best of buddies at the moment. King wants money. Moore doesn't want to give him money. Two crooks fighting, why should anyone care? Well the gloves have come off, somehow.

Moore has a bounty on his head. No one knows who put it there, but it's a substantial amount iron age dudes are crawling out of the wood works to get at him.

Where do we come in? Well, Butterfly is Moore's daughter. Even though there is a mutual contempt for each other, she still loves him as the father that raised her.

So I need some advice on the setup and some partners in heroics.

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I'm willing to throw Jubatus into this thread, but given his innate cynicism, "please save my dad from reaping the evil that he sowed" is… not the sort of call for help he's likely to say 'yes' to. So here's an alternative route to pull the kitty into this plot:

Franklin Moore is a deceitful, manipulative scuzzbucket who got elected Mayor, back in the 1980s, on a platform of "zero tolerance" for crime and vigilantism. So he could be just the sort of person to try exploiting this dangerous situation for personal gain.

Scheme: Ask various heroes for help. If they don't remember the 1980s, great! If they do, he can make noise about how his daughter might be in danger of getting caught up in this mess, and even if Moore deserves to lose, can't the hero find it in their heart to protect little Alicia?

Once he's got a patsy, I mean 'hero', in his corner, Moore offers whatever help he can, in the form of information, resources, whatever. The gameplan here is to slowly corrupt the hero, getting them to do increasingly icky stuff, starting with trivial offenses and building up (down) the moral scale, always providing the hero a plausible rationale for whatever-it-was—until Moore has enough info on the hero's misdeeds to blackmail said hero into submission. Thus does Moore end up with a superpowered henchman at his beck & call! Or at least, that's what Moore thinks…

Moore talks to Jubatus early on. One, Jube has Public ID, so Moore can get in touch without calling in favors. Two, Jube has saved Butterfly's butt once before, in circumstances that were sufficiently public that Moore could plausibly know about it, and Moore might think Jube feels responsible for the woman whose life he (Jube) saved. Three, Jube is a weird-looking freak, so Moore might believe it would be easy for him to win Jube over with shows of friendship and support that the feline isn't likely to get anywhere else—and hey, it's easy to whip up public opinion against weird-looking freaks, right? Four, Jubatus is a cat, so Moore might well underestimate Jube's intelligence, thinking the feline is gonna be an easy mark.

For his part, Jube agrees solely and entirely for the purpose of making sure Butterfly doesn't get hurt. As for the rest of it… we'll just have to see how Moore's scheme unfolds during play.

Yes? No?

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