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Robot Dinosaur Rampage

Thunder King

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What: Animatronic dinosaurs suddenly come to life and go on a rampage.

Who: two to four characters, any PL

Basically, a museum is hosting an animatronic dinosaur exhibit, but someone decides to really have some fun and they go crazy.

This is my first ever thread wherein I manage more than one character that isn't my own.

NOTE: Please don't volunteer characters that could put down robots easily. A battle against animatronic dinosaurs is no fun if you just shut them off.

This is going to be a short, fun thread with robot dinosaurs on the loose. No great, complex plot, just good-old-fashioned combat and fun.

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Kit doesn't have the firepower and isn't very good against things without brains, but Silvia? Swashbuckling giant dinobots can be fun. And if I manage to squeeze in a full broadside against a T-Rex, all the better! She's a patron of the arts, too, so she'd have plenty of reason to be there.

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Hmm... I'd like to express tentative interest. On the one hand, this seems like something Baxter might visit in his pursuit of bee- and insect-oriented knowledge, particularly so now that he's chugging along full-speed into the heroic scene. On the other, he's... yeah, Baxter doesn't care much for history; natural or otherwise. As such, the actual robotic dinosaur exhibit might not really capture his interest. I suppose, in this regard, it's a very niche sort of deal. I'll give it some more thought and come back with something a little more concrete once I've mulled it over a tad.

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An audioanimatronic robot is a multi-ton piece of machinery. It needs motors that generate a nontrivial quantity of horsepower, just to be able to move in the first place—but at the same time, those motors are necessarily powerful enough that the robot could do a heck of a lot of damage if it went haywire. Therefore, when faced with a malfunctioning audioanimatron, the host museum probably wants (a) someone with technical expertise to ID, and fix, the bugs in the system; (B) someone who's free/willing to do this kind of work; and © a superhero to protect the public and the rest of the museum, just in case the malfunctioning robot ends up going berserk.

I give you Jay 'Jubatus' Xavier, who qualifies on all three counts. Point (a): He's a highly skilled troubleshooter with a rep for high-quality work. Point (B): He's freelance, meaning he actively seeks out this kind of contract. Point ©: He's publicly known to be the superspeedy hero Jubatus.

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Not that Jubatus can't join, but the whole thing you just described has nothing to do with how it's going to go down.

Of course, being as fast as he is, Jubatus doesn't have to be in the museum when everything goes crazy to be part of it.

I may or may not be available this weekend. If I'm not, the thread will be posted first thing next week. If I am, it'll be posted by Sunday.

SpicyWaffle, please give me confirmation one way or another by Sunday, :)

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