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Slave to Time - Part 2 (OOC)


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Ill fluff this a bit: Lets just do an opposed roll Poison Rank 5 vs Healing Rank 8

He will certainly get better, this is just to see if you can rid him of the toxin completely.

1d20+5=18 Resilient poison!

Young Brittania - 1 HP

Your Medicine skill will get him on the road to recovery next day as per your roll! (Giving him +7 on all recovery checks!)

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Ungag a sorcerer? let his snake tounged spells loose?

Woe betide ye, sir!

Mind Control DC 10, Sense Dependent (Auditory) Effect!

So Reflex DC 20 to clamp your ears shut, and if that fails Will DC 20 or mind controlled!

NB: I have statted up Vile for previous threads. I have made a few minor adjustments to his abilities for this thread as a) I noticed a few conceptual flaws and B) Deprived of his chains, he needed a slight boost. There is nothing serious here, he remains at PL 10 (less, defensively) but just to let you know if there are any errors compared to the previous thread. I don't think there are, but still...

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YB is getting bitten by insects, leeches, and poisonous plants / frogs etc.

Two effects, both fairly minor: A poison equal to Nauseate 5, and a disease equal to Drain CON 5. As the disease is a "disease" extra, it wont kick in right now, and she won't even notice it.

YB is no expert on botany, but some of the species here look, at the very least exotic. This is not your regular swamp.

Meanwhile, YB spots some filthy figure following them...

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