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Paint the Town (OOC)

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That one's an offensive Morph ability. Only DC12 Will, so if you want to break it, just do it. No need to roll in the light-hearted silliness. (And for a general idea of how good the illusion is, it's DC25 Notice.)

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So, just putting this out there. If you want to see Tona in a skirt or dress, you're going to have to suggest it to her.

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Well, it looks like Sam has the firmest grasp on the situation:


Also, she uses her emotion control on the guy committing simple assault to inflict fear. DC17 Will.

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Those who beat DC 20 notice that the Bruiser has a small white patch on his underarm. Looks kind of like a nicotine patch.

For the record the bad guys are a pair of Zoom survivors, a Powerhouse (though rather stupider than that one suggests), and a Psychic Martial Artist.

Speed Freak 1 & 2's Ini. (1d20+14=34, 1d20+14=25)

Bruiser's Ini. (1d20+2=11)

Suit's Ini. (1d20+8=24)

Blue Jay's Ini. (1d20+15=21)

Bruiser's Will save, vs DC 17. (1d20+6=8) Hah! Well he's not feeling like fighting ATM.

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34 -- Speed Freak 1 -- Uninjured -- GM

25 -- Speed Freak 2 -- Uninjured -- GM

24 -- Suit -- Uninjured -- GM

23 -- Kit -- Uninjured -- HPx2

22 -- Crimson Tiger -- Uninjured -- HPx4

21 -- Blue Jay -- Uninjured -- HPx3

11 -- Bruiser -- Uninjured -- GM

9 -- Blodeuwedd -- Uninjured -- HPx3

Everyone gets a HP for being in their Secret Identities.

Speed Freak 1

Move Action: Moving up to Blod.

Standard Action: Attack Blod with Unarmed + Autofire. Speed Freak 1's melee attack check, vs Blod's Def. DC 25 + Autofire (1d20+10=15) 3 pts over her flat-footed Def, so that's +1 DC, for a total of DC 26 Toughness.

Speed Freak 2

Move Action: Moving to Kit.

Standard Action: Grappling. Speed Freak 2's melee attack check, vs Kit's Def. (1d20+10=12) That will just barely hit.

Speed Freak 2's Grapple check. (1d20+20=33) Yikes.


Free Action: Activate Concealment 4 (All Visual, Flaw: Miss Chance only).

Move Action: Step up to Mali.

Standard Action: Punch her in the face. Suit's melee attack check, vs Mali's flat-footed Def. DC 20 Tou (1d20+15=19) Yikes, that will hit.

Okay, once IC post is up, it'll be Kit's turn.

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Holy crap, that's a lot of grapple.

Escape Artist!


Blarg. Woulda wanted to save that roll. That's failure by five or more, which means Kit's bound. Can't do anything that requires physical action, but that's not a problem for Kit. I make eye contact and try to put him to sleep. Stun (Sleep), DC17 Will. Perception range, requiring eye-contact. It's distracting, but that's not really an issue when already defenseless.

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