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Art Work?


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I guess this is as good a place to set up shop as any.

Hello and welcome to the magical world of Art!!! OK, it's not that magical, and it's not exactly a "world". BUT(!), it is Art. Specifically art that is inspired by the forums, characters, and chat here at FreedomCity pbp. I appreciate any comments critiques, helpful nudges, requests... basically anything but flaming and insults are welcome here.

If this thread should be moved just let me know where it ends up so I can keep posting to it.

The List

A list of art projects that have yet to be completed

Self Assigned:

Gaian Knight - Fox

Rogue - Chumpsteady

Hellion - Cyroa


Colt - Quote

Breakdown - Quote

Valkyrie - Quote

Kid Cthulhu - Lone Star

Los Links!!!

A list of links that show locations where you can find the images I post here (just in case something happens to the source). There will also be links to other artwork of mine that does not pertain to Freedom City pbp. Plus(!) on my DA you can download the images at full resolution! They look better when you have more pixels imo.

  • [*:i4ako53y]
Freedom City on Deviant Art - Literally, this is the same stuff I posted here. Nothing new, just bigger!
[*:i4ako53y]Random stuff I've done - This page is basically just stuff I've been happy enough with to publish online (as not everything goes online)
[*:i4ako53y]This comic I drew a long time ago - This one isn't my best work mostly due to it's age, but also (mostly) do to my age at the time I drew it. Please do not be too harsh in criticisms about this piece.

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Here's the first round of stuff (read: the things I've drawn before I had a thread to post in).

This is Blitz standing next to his secret identity Henry Donner


Here's the working costume design for Cicada-Man (up-and-coming character)


Here's the prototype drawings of that final design


Here's the Demon Cricket that we discussed one day in the chat. The girlfriend thinks he's cuddly. ::shrugs::


Fusion having a swim.


Stesha making with the tree-powers


Freedom Angel, doing his roman thing


Wesley Knight. Except that he's doesn't have enough tattoos apparently. lol


And last, but certainly not least, Divine!


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...He is armed with a spatha, three feet of steel crafted by holy craftsmen...

And, as I found out, this is a Spatha. Now, they are very like Gladius, but they round to their points, have longer handles, and the blade average a good 20cm longer.

I see your point tho. In looking back at the image of Freedom Angel, it does look like the blade is a lot longer than it actually is. I should have changed the perspective a bit to show this, but the sheath ends right behind the wing and the sword is partially drawn. It all adds up to create the illusion that the sword is a lot longer than it actually is.

I'll get it right in the future.

Thanks for pointing that out Rav.

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