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  1. Not sure if this is the place for this topic, but I'm going on a small hiatus for about a week and a half at this point. I'm moving off campus this week, going on vacation next week, and then moving to my permanent residence the week after that when I'll be back and able to play seriously again. In the interim I'm not sure what to do with my active threads... I guess just assume that Blitz runs around and does nothing useful or that his actions are not important enough to note? I'm not sure. Let me know what's to become of Blitz so I can have some peace of mind whenever you guys get time.
  2. Henry and the Singer family made it into the restaurant without much trouble. They were seated by the Host at a table that was definitely not "the best in the house" but would still do for the small party of South-Siders. Henry could barely control how he stared openly at everything in the restaurant. From the huge spread of knives, forks, and spoons in front of him, to the waiters all dressed exactly the same (right down to their hairdo), to the elegant furniture and art being used to decorate the place. It was all fantastically... decadent. The band was excellent as well. Starting ou
  3. Blitz heard the sound of cracking pavement and he turned to see what made the noise. Adrenaline coursing through his veins caused him to spin quickly, eliciting a spark of electricity from his body. He saw a tall guy with goggles, a brown coat, heavy boots, and... and a sword at his side. Blitz cocked his eyebrow at the man as he kicked a bit of scrap metal. "Hey!" Blitz called out, "Who're you?"
  4. Blitz watched as the last few 'bots exploded further down the bridge. His whole body slumped as fight ended. He was tired from the encounter but, while his job here was done, he still wanted to do one more thing before leaving the bridge. Blitz ran to the scene of devastation and the heroes behind it. He came to a grinding halt and looked at Rift flying over the scene. "Hey! Do you think that's it?"
  5. It's a refreshing approach and I appreciate it in times like this.
  6. Time seemed to crawl by as Blitz raced along the newly supported bridge towards the horde of BugBots. As Blitz approached the bots, there was a massive electrical discharge that slowly engulfed the 'bots. Blitz considered this discharge and wondered if he could do something similar given the electric nature of his power. He ran headlong into the 'bots and started pulling the important circuits, servos, and wires out of the BugBots as he dashed next to, under, and over them. His already scratched fingers and hands were nigh raw by the time he was done with the bots this time. Blitz bac
  7. >.> <.< I had completely forgotten about all of those things actually. BUT YES(!) thank you for assuming that I did all of those things in order to actually make good use of my turn.
  8. Blitz World Domination through Recycling Meltdown Opening Night at Le Exotique Fast-Food Calamari 2 posts this month
  9. I wish I had something better to do in this situation, but with 'bots having no ears to dazzle and no nervous system to fry, I'm gonna have Blitz rapid attack an area of 'bots again. Rapid Attack against the BugBots (1d20+9=10). guh... freakin' nat 1! I (obviously) don't think that hits, but I'll wait for Shaen to say one way or the other before I make my post. Move-By Action to keep going past the 'bots, but he's gonna stay close to the end of the bridge as a "first line of defense".
  10. OH YEAH! I had totally forgotten about that... Well, here's hoping you get that Hero Point for single-handedly resolving the possible riot outside the soon-to-be-famous restaurant, OP. lol
  11. I thought we started each thread with "default" hero points unless we had an excess of them at the time of start?
  12. Carbon_Copy


    When would this thread be taking place on the timeline? I'll have Blitz in it one way or the other. Not as a protester, but really just there for "Crowd Control" should the need arise. But, if the thread takes place after June, then I can get Cicada-Man in on the action as well, as a Protester though. Cicada doesn't like it when people are put under the pressure of the Government, and that includes kids who are being pressured into joining the military. Just throwing out my support for the thread. EDIT: I'll use Blitz if the thread happens before June, but Cicada if it's after Ju
  13. Henry watched the scene, wondering what in the world was happening as he and the Singer's approached the restaurant. There had been a large man who had almost incited a riot but then, a man conjured some kind of glowing blueish instrument, 'It looks like a pimped out xylophone,' and began to play Coldplay's "Clocks." The crowds attention was immediately grabbed and they seemed to all be saying the same words, "Ooo, it's Sparksmith!" Henry had never seen Sparksmith in person, but living in Freedom it was hard to not know the names of the heroes around town. ’… Well… the ones that ma
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