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  1. Kid Cthulhu Something Eldritch This Way Comes Zap A Very Claremont Excursion
  2. Blake listened to Etain's words, and sighed deeply. His hand ran through his hair, and the look on his face was of someone who had given up. His powers, although strange they were, seemed to never be a problem for him. However, since finding out that they could actually affect the spirits of the house, all Blake wanted was for them to go away again. He regretted the day that he summoned a portion of The Unspeakable One to this realm. Damn, dude. You've really messed up big time. He stood up, waving to his friend Corbin. "I...should probably get going. I'll see you back at Claremont though, buddy. Thanks for sticking up for me, but I don't think I have a place here."
  3. Janis, still blushing at an alarming rate, ran over to the opposite aisle. "I'm gonna look over here!! The CDs might be on this aisle!" she said, running over to check out the rest of the CDs. Jeez, Janis. Run off like a little...well, you are a girl, after all. But not everyone runs off after kissing a guy. You've got to go back and talk to him, seriously. There's no way he'll...hello!" Looking up, she found herself in the classical section. A small smile crossed her face, and she calmly walked back to where Subito was looking. "Hey, buddy. I found the classical CDs you were looking for."
  4. Janis grinned broadly, and held his hand again. "I've got the exact same feeling here, Subito. But I like it." She got on her tiptoes and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek. Surprised at her own boldness, she blushed brightly. "But. Uh. The disks should be in the music section, right next to the video games." she said, walking alongside him. Oh man, Janis. You really did it this time. What if he kissed you back? What would you have done then? Just relax....alright? It's your first date, and there's no need to rush into anything. You barely know this guy! Thoughts flowed rapidly through her head, but she managed to hopefully get the blush off of her face before he noticed. But he is cute.
  5. Blake was taken aback by this response. He scratched his head, and thought for a moment. "I mean, is there any way I could practice here? I mean, a lot of my books are stored up here, but I guess I could just go to the practice rooms at Claremont if I need to do any combat training." He knew it wasn't her fault that he had these powers, certainly not, but asking him to practice somewhere else made him feel a little put out of the picture. "It does make sense, though. I get what you're saying." He smiled at her, and nodded. "So, maybe we can all hang out sometime? As...people?"
  6. Janis squeezed Subito's hand lightly. "See ya Vicky!" she said, waving at her roommate. "Don't get into trouble! Remember that they have security cameras!" she said, winking back. So she was alone with Subito in Best Buy. "Want to get those CDs first?" she asked. There was no doubt that her previous nervousness had swam up to grab her again. A tiny gasp escaped her lips as she noticed her hands were sweating. She quickly removed her hand and wiped it on her blouse. "Crap. I'm sorry, it's just...first date with ya and all. You know how it is."
  7. Janis nodded understandingly after hearing Subito's story. She gripped his hand and squeezed it a little, and gave him a little smile. "Well, buddy, it is definitely good that you're here in Claremont with your buddies. Now, let's hit the store!" As she walked with him, she whispered in his ear a little secret. "Psst. You're a really cool guy, Subito. I'm having a really nice time." Listening to what he said about his parents made her understand his shyness a little bit better. Being put under that kind of pressure from your parents must be terrible. She was glad that her father did not demand too much out of her- she generally did fine in her classes and was always active in the heroic community. But arguing constantly with your own family- she couldn't imagine how that must be. Mentally, she made a note to talk a little bit more with him later. She felt like she could tell him a little more about herself- but that would have to come another day. "Oooh, what does she play? I've heard some international music- it's pretty cool stuff! I'm more of a heavy metaller myself, though." she said, and curled her hands into the "metal" fist.
  8. Blake nodded, now completely realizing what had happened. "Well, that is true. I probably should have called ahead, in retrospect. Although a lot of people know me as the Eldritch Boy Wonder, my...appearance can be a bit unusual. So, I hope that we can put this all behind us. I understand why you responded to me aggressively, and I hope you understand that I was only attacking back in self-defense. So! Etain. With all of that said and done, I offer you a virtual hug." Blake smiled widely, and spread his arms, wrapping them around the laptop. "Although we will have to know when the other one is in the house. I'm nearly certain that we won't be able to fight crime together, but that's alright. I'll be sure to call ahead or at least let someone know if I'm going to be showing up. His face fell a litle bit when he mentioned they wouldn't be able to fight together. He liked Etain quite a bit, but if that was what had to happen, that was it.
  9. Janis smiled at her date as she responded. "I'm a native Freedonian, actually! So there's not much else to know, but my dad does make a mean steak. I guess that's the extent of 'culture' that exists in my family. What about you, Subito? Tell me a bit about your home life." She was glad that the two of them seemed to be getting along. Her heart, previously racing, was calm, and her signature sunny attitute was back. "It's been forever since I've hit a Best Buy." she said to her roommate. "I could probably use a few blank discs, and maybe a new computer game. Although there's always a lot going on at Claremont, our LAN parties in the computer labs have always been a good way to relax."
  10. Blake took the laptop, and set it up in the kitchen, where he sat in the breakfast nook. It was good that he at least had a chance to explain himself. Blake tried to look as non-threatening as possible, and he was leaning back in the chair a little bit as he gave her a affable smile. A small sigh escaped his lips as he recalled the events of his "Cthulhufication". "It's probably best to start from the top, Etain. My parents were both artists. They were fairly famous, I guess, but they did a lot of radical work; performance art and all that. They sometimes dabbled in the occult. My parents were also pretty big on drinking...and my mom died from alcohol poisoning when I was ten." He scratched the back of his head, and looked away from the camera for a moment. "My dad died shortly after. But anyway, I inherited this and that from them, and one of those things was a genuine copy of the Necronomicon. I, being a young lad, decided to try it out. Curiosity kills the cat, I suppose. I managed to summon a bit of The Unspeakable One, and it changed my form into...something terrible. With this in mind, I decided to make the best of it by fighting crime, and I joined the Claremont Academy. After an encounter with Chevalier, I lost my pseudonatural powers, and briefly became Warlock- which is when you met me." He took a deep breath, and smiled at Etain. "But. After that event with the Deep Ones, my powers were restored. And so, I'm Kid Cthulhu once again."
  11. Janis wrapped her arms around Vicky's waist, and put her head on her shoulder. "Nah. Sorry, Morgan. She's mine now." She stuck her tongue out at him, then returned to Subito's side. "But he'll do." she said, putting her hand over his. "Seriously though, Vick, we'll need to split up at some point. I haven't bought new jeans in ages, and I'd hate to drag our dates into that. Or would I?" A manic grin crossed her face. "The true test of romance!" Although she felt a bit like she was trapped in a can, it was still going to be a good day. The mallgoers moved around the four teenagers standing still. She sighed happily, glad to be on a date with her friends. "That being said, maybe we can hit Best Buy first?"
  12. Janis held back a shudder at the mention of lutefisk. She had the unfortunate displeasure of being served a dish of it for dinner while at her grandparents house a few years. Although she was polite enough to eat a full plate of it, the rest of that night she spent puking up the retched fish. I might just stick with Italian food, if that's alright. But that sounds like a great meal, Subito." He was getting a little too close, but she knew it wasn't him. Her heart fluttered a little as he leaned in, and she couldn't suppress blushing a little. "Erm. Subito, buddy. Not to be rude, but could I have a little room? You can still totally put your arm around me, I like it there." Janis gave him a sweet smile to let him know he had no reason to apologize.
  13. Blake grinned for a moment, then gave Corbin a huge hug, wrapping his skinny arms around Corbin's frame. "Thank you. It meant a lot, you standing up for me, man." He let him go, looking shy for a moment. "Heh. Well. Latin and me never got along, not completely anyway. I took a few lessons at Claremont, but I never got the hang of it. Even when I was Warlock, I just read off enchantments from books. Lots of damn instructions, those things have. It's worse than assembling an IKEA futon." he said, scratching the back of his head. "So I guess there was something about Etain that I didn't know. Should I...leave or something? It's not that I don't feel welcome or anything, but I'd hardly want to make Etain uncomfortable. It seems like she saw the source of my mystic powers, and wigged out. I can't blame her." he said, bowing his head a little. "To be fair, it's pretty bad mojo."
  14. Shock'd & Awe'd by Dok Here’s my mega-update to Zap! :arrow: I’ve added two new Alternate Powers, for 2 PP and :arrow: I’ve changed her Immunity from Electrical Damage to All Electrical Effects, for 5 PP. :arrow: On her Power Descriptions, I’ve added the following: “However, since she has been to Claremont, she has gained a new hold on her abilities, and is learning how to do more complicated things with her powers than simply wield electrical blasts.†:arrow: Under her Feats, I’ve added Attractive. That’s 1 PP :arrow: Under her Skills, I added 8 points in Diplomacy (giving her +11), 3 points in Knowledge Current Events (giving her a +4) and 4 points in Notice (giving her a +11) Those are 3 PP. Subject: Zap (PL8) - Lone Star (Silver) [quote name="Lone Star"][b][u]Player Name[/u]:[/b] Lone Star [b][u]Character Name[/u]:[/b] Zap [b][u]Power Level[/u]:[/b] 8 (130/130PP) [b][u]Trade-Offs[/u]:[/b] -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness [b][u]Unspent PP[/u]:[/b] 0 [b][u]Progress To Gold Status[/u]:[/b] 10/90 (Silver status earned with [url=http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=5754]Kid Cthulhu[/url]) [b][u]In Brief[/u]:[/b] Headstrong Lightning Controller [b][u]Alternate Identities[/u]:[/b] Janis Jacobson [b][u]Identity[/u]:[/b] Secret [b][u]Birthplace[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Occupation[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Affiliations[/u]:[/b] None [b][u]Family[/u]:[/b] Frank Jacobson (father), Susan Jacobson (mother, deceased) [b][u]Age[/u]:[/b] 18 [b][u]Apparent Age[/u]:[/b] 18 [b][u]Gender[/u]:[/b] Female [b][u]Ethnicity[/u]:[/b] White [b][u]Height[/u]:[/b] 5’ 8†[b][u]Weight[/u]:[/b] 145 lbs. [b][u]Eyes[/u]:[/b] Blue [b][u]Hair[/u]:[/b] Blonde/ Bleach Blonde [b][u]Description[/u]:[/b] Janis is not a typical girl. She dresses very much like a tomboy, preferring jeans and heavy metal T-shirts to dresses and blouses. Her hair is bright blonde, but she keeps on hand gel and hair dye for when she changes into her costume. As Zap, her hair is bleached blonde and spiked up. She wears a white spandex outfit with yellow lining the inner arms and the inside of the leggings. She also paints a yellow lightning bolt on her face a la Ziggy Stardust. [b][u]Power Descriptions[/u]:[/b] Her powers are far from subtle. All of them involve lightning, and it is produced in mass quantities. It crackles with blinding white-hot intensity and is extremely noticeable, to say the least. She wields the lightning with a heavy hand, going for maximum damage rather than subtlety. However, since she has been to Claremont, she has gained a new hold on her abilities, and is learning how to do more complicated things with her powers than simply wield electrical blasts. [b][u]History[/u]:[/b] Janis was born into a upper middle class family in Hanover, her father being a CPA and her mother a professor at Freedom University. She was always the outgoing one of her family, much to the chagrin of her relatively quiet parents. She was always fascinated with cars and machines, and it was no surprise that she went into metal shop and took basic car mechanics at her high school. Her parents were proud of her, and although she wouldn't nearly earn the amount her father did, they were glad she was doing what she loved. A year before her visit with Duncan Summers, Janis was in the backseat of her mother's minivan, driving home from a movie. It was raining heavily, and the visibility was severely limited. A bolt of lightning struck a tree down in front of them, and her mother swerved out of the way, but it was already too late. The car flipped over, trapping them inside. Janis managed to wiggle out of the car and ran for a roadside telephone. She quickly picked up the phone and dialed 911, when a bolt of lightning struck the metallic phone booth. She passed out instantly, and awoke in the hospital. The doctor said her mother had died in the hospital, but her father was expected to make a full recovery. Janis spent the next few months in a daze, rarely talking or going outside. She started failing her classes, and she didn't care. She had become a shadow of her former self. When she was walking back from school, she found herself accosted by two gang members with knives, who tried to mug her. Her heart raced, and she felt power flowing through her veins. Her fists glowed with electrical energy, and the thugs ran off. She realized that her body had absorbed the lightning energy. It wasn't long before Duncan Summer came to her door and asked her to join the Claremont Academy, where she now stays. Janis has since cheered up significantly, but she still misses her mother. [b][u]Personality & Motivation[/u]:[/b] She is very much an outgoing person and a free spirit. Although she listens to authority figures, she tends to solve problems her own way. Janis can be hard to get along, much less understand at times, but she is extremely affable and tries to see the good in everyone. Her free spirit may clash with those who prefer tradition and rules, but Janis makes it a point to try to get along with everyone. Her smile is always present, even when situations are tough. Her positive attitude and indomitable spirit make her a good morale booster for any group she's in. Janis is still haunted by her mother's death, and sometimes "fades away" as she calls it, sitting on her bed and avoiding social contact. She is still very much in mourning, but her chipper attitude does a good job of hiding it. She cares very much for her father, and visits him as much as she can. The two of them are very close, and her father tries to protect her, despite his awareness of her superpowers. Janis knows she will have to get past her mother's death eventually, but she was very attached to her mother prior to her death. [b][u]Powers & Tactics[/u]:[/b] Janis has the ability to control lightning, and she uses it to barge in and take the villains out as quickly as possible. She tends not to think of consequences, just immediate action. Her powers haven't developed enough for a full-blown force field, but her electrical powers grant her a good degree of protection from harm. It manifests itself visually as a yellow aura with spikes of lightning. [hr][/hr] [b][u]Complications[/u]:[/b] [b]Hurry Up![/b]: Janis is extremely impatient, to say the least. [b]Mover, Not A Thinker[/b]: She tends to rush into combat situations instead of considering strategies. [b]Responsibility[/b]: Her father is important to her, and she visits him often. [b][u]Abilities[/u]:[/b] 2 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 6 = 16PP Strength: 12 (+1) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 16 (+3) [b][u]Combat[/u]:[/b] 8 + 12 = 20PP Initiative: +1 Attack: +4, +6 Electrical Control Grapple: +5 Defense: +6, +3 Flat-Footed Knockback: -5/-2, -4/-1 Flat-Footed [b][u]Saving Throws[/u]:[/b] 4 + 7 + 5 = 16PP Toughness: +10/+4 (+2 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +6/+0 Force Field), +8/+2 Flat-Footed Fortitude: +6 (+2 Con, +4) Reflex: +8 (+1 Dex, +7) Will: +5 (+0 Wis, +5) [b][u]Skills[/u]:[/b] 40R = 10PP Bluff 12 (+15) Craft (Mechanical) 9 (+10) Diplomacy 5 (+8) Knowledge (Current Events) 3 (+4) Notice 11 (+11) [b][u]Feats[/u]:[/b] 8PP Attack Specialization (Electrical Control) Attractive Defensive Roll Distract (Bluff) Luck Taunt Uncanny Dodge 2 (Visual, Auditory) [b][u]Powers[/u]:[/b] 35 + 12 + 10 + 7 = 64PP [b]Electrical Control 15 ([/b]30PP Array, [i]Feats:[/i] Alternate Power 4, Improved Critical 2, [i]Drawbacks:[/i] Power Loss [Submerged Underwater][b])[/b] [35PP] [list][u]Base Power[/u]: [b]Strike 10 ([/b][i]Extras:[/i] Area [Targeted, Cone, 100ft], Selective[b])[/b] (Lightning Burst) [30PP] [u]Alternate Power[/u]: [b]Blast 10 ([/b][i]Extras:[/i] Autofire[b])[/b] (Lightning Barrage) [30PP] [u]Alternate Power[/u]: [b]Stun 10 + Strike 10 ([/b][i]Extras:[/i] Linked[b])[/b] (Taser Fist) [30PP] [u]Alternate Power[/u]: [b]Corrosion 10 ([/b][i]Extras:[/i]Penetrating[b])[/b] (Lightning Blade) [30PP] [u]Alternate Power[/u]: [b]Dazzle Visual 10 ([/b][i]Extras:[/i] Area [Cone, General], Range [Perception]; Flaw: Sense-Dependent [Visual][b])[/b] (Electrical Arc) [30PP] [/list] [b]Force Field 6 ([/b][i]Extras:[/i] Duration [Continuous][b])[/b] [12PP] [b]Immunity 10 ([/b]All Electrical Effects[b])[/b] [10PP] [b]Teleport 6 ([/b][i]Flaws:[/i] Limited [Short-Range], [i]Feats:[/i] Change Velocity[b])[/b] [7PP] [b][u]Drawbacks[/u]:[/b] -4PP [b]Vulnerability ([/b]Water, [i]Frequency:[/i] Common, [i]Intensity:[/i] Major [x2 Damage][b])[/b] [-4PP] [b][u]DC Block[/u]:[/b] [code]ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC16 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Lightning Barrage Ranged DC25* Toughness (Staged) Damage (Energy) Lightning Burst Touch/Area DC25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Energy) Taser Fist Touch DC25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Energy) DC 20 Fortitude (Staged) Dazed/Stunned/Unconscious Lightning Blade Touch DC20 Fortitude Drain Toughness DC25 Toughness Damage (Energy) Dazzle Visual Perception DC 20 Reflex Blinded *Autofire Abilities (16) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (16) + Skills (10) + Feats (8) + Powers (64) - Drawbacks (4) = 130/130 Power Points
  15. Blake shook his head. There were a lot of things he still didn't understand. "Again, Etain. It's me. Blake Salazar. The Artist Previously Known As Warlock. Remember me?" His voice was more than a little angry. He wanted an explanation, and he wanted one very soon, or he'd have to find another place to hang out. He turned to his friend Corbin. "Hey, buddy. So, what exactly is she saying?" Pausing for a moment, he decided to stand next to Corbin. He had a feeling she wouldn't attack him.
  16. Janis made a happy noise, and rested her head against Subito. Although it was pretty early in the date, she liked him already. "All of that sounds excellent to me, good sir. I don't know about you guys, but I'm frickin' starving." Smiling to herself, she closed her eyes for a moment. It was a pretty good idea, the date and all. In the back of her mind, however, a vague thought came to life. Their previous dates seemed to be plagued with villainy. For just a moment, she imagined a person manipulating the circumstances of her life, placing obstacles and fights in her way. She shuddered, and quickly ignored the thought. "So, European food?"
  17. Janis jumped a little, and laughed, turning around to give her roommate a big hug. She turned to Subito, and put her arm around his shoulder. "This guy's not too bad, Vick. I think I'll keep him." she said, turning to give Subito a little wink. He seemed like a nice guy, although way too nervous for her. Hopefully exposure to her endlessly sunny personality would help him take it easy. Although not very helpful, blatantly flirting with him was fun. It was turning out to be a good day so far. Janis boarded the bus with her friends, close to Subito. "So where are we headed off to again?"
  18. Kid Cthulhu: Something Eldritch This Way Comes Zap: Sunday Afternoon A Very Claremont Excursion
  19. Blake stood there, trying to catch his breath. He nodded again to his friends. At least he knew his friends would defend him if...one of his other friends tried to kill him. The mystic tomes were still sitting on the ground, and he picked them up, dusting them off. When he looked up, he saw Eve, the telepathic girl he had met a while back. He gave her a smile, and waved. "One hell of a welcome wagon, huh? Mind telling me what exactly's going on?" Thanks to Dead Head's quick thinking, Blake was unharmed, but he was still a little shaken. What exactly had gotten into Etain. Oh, right. He shouldered the books, and started to head towards the entranceway, being sure to keep alert in case Etain still percieved him as a threat.
  20. Blake turned around, and saw all of his friends. Dead Head had taken the hit for him, and he patted the revenant on the shoulder. "Thanks, Dead Head. I think there's just been a misunderstanding." "Hey Corbin, hey Crow. I think Etain and I have a few things to talk about." he said, breathing heavily. This was certainly not the welcome he expected, although he was nearly certain there was something going on he wasn't understanding. He probably should have called ahead, to be fair. Blake wiped sweat off of his green forehead, and muttered the words that transformed him back into Blake. "Etain, want to head inside? I think there's a few things I need to tell you. One of them being, uh. I have eldritch superpowers."
  21. Alright party people, we seem to have a little bit of a disagreement here. On one hand, it's nice for KC's buddies to be on his side. But Roo thinks that we have way too many people in one thread, especially since it's mostly intented to be a social one, and I kind of agree. However, I'd like everyone's input on what's going to happen next. I think that we should end combat and have someone explain to Etain that he's actually not evil, and then Etain and KC patch it up.
  22. "So you're powered by the national spirit of Puerto Rico?" she said, raising her eyebrows. "That is pretty damn cool. Beats my power origins, to say that least." she said, laughing nervously. "And you've got all sorts of power extras. I sort of just hurl lightning at whoever tries to beat me up. And that is a good question, actually." she said, having another look around for their friends. She spotted Morgan and Victoria hugging awkwardly. "Awww! Cute. You two lovebirds better get over here, alright?" she said, gesturing to the two of them.
  23. KC fires away at Etain, trying to slow her down at least. He rolls a 16, hitting her. That's a DC 26 Toughness for Etain.
  24. Blake screamed in sudden pain as the sword slashed up his shoulder blade. Okay, now he meant business. Throwing the books aside, he got firm grounding and said the magic words that would give him his weird mystic form. "Cthulhu fthagn!" A wash of green mystic flame coated his body, and scales erupted over his body. "I don't want to have to do this, Etain. But you're not exactly giving me a choice." His costume, light grey robes with the Elder Sign in the middle, flowed in the wind. Not taking a single moment to hesitate, he summoned twin spheres of mystic flame and started to fire behind him, hoping to hit Etain by some random chance. The green fire lit up the air as it streaked forward. His breath was hot in his throat, not knowing where the next attack would come from.
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