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Ok so this is the kind of thing I assume Black Hand monitors for.

For the young geniuses many of the crimes are sophisticated tech crimes that likely caught their attention.

Carbon will most likely see that several of the thefts don't line up with the normal way criminals do things. Don't fit a stand alone risk vs. reward that most standard thugs and hoods go by with target selection.

Go ahead and post initial responses and how you start your investigation and I'll shove you all together.

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Then allow me to use my "Contacts" to take 20 (I can wait 20 minutes) + 7 (my ranks in GI) to find out some more details on what has been stolen by calling some of my underground contacts. If I cant take 20, I'll take 10 + 7 instead.

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Alright with a 27 you can gather a slightly more complete list. there are about 2 things that haven't made it into the papers that were stolen, the rest you already knew and didn't really understand what they were.

The two things you hear about are:

An attack on Star Island, the thieves were able to infiltrate the base and make off with salvage from a downed alien ship. Supposedly some kind of teleportation device but details are hazy.

The FCPD has lost some restricted evidence, Samples of Fear masters gas and Pheromones used by Luna moth. this is very hush hush. Rumor has it the DA walked in to check out the evidence and walked out with it. However the DA was in court at the time.

Also and far more telling there has been no poking around the usual fences and other underworld types who would set up sales of this kinda stuff for any of the stolen goods.

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I totally meant to post this yesterday when I made the reply. The store front looks to be a low grade pawnshop and given the layer of dust on most things not a very successful one. The back room visually is much the same but if possible even more cluttered. There is on spot on the floor conspicuous due to its lack of detritus likely due to some concealed door or something similar.

When he flicked the switch there was the high pitched whine that could be some kind of white noise generator though the Doctor knows those are of dubious utility to actually keep conversations private. However any device that transmits or receives is cut off from its signal.

(Nullify 14; Communication effects technological only) So no bars on cell phones and Docs comlink effect in the Electromagnetic screwdriver goes dead.

The Doc knows that that's some pretty potent tech of course.

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I think a few ranks in Obscure (Radio) would do the same thing.

At any rate, since forgeries/fakes can be found out with a Notice check, are there any in the shoppe? Does it look to be a legit place (er, rather, carrying legit items), or is most of the stuff here cheap knockoffs?

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Its pretty mixed overall. Mostly its stuff you would expect ina pawn shop the only real telling thing is it looks like none of the merchandise is cleaned or even handled regularly. Its hard to imagine how he stays in business since nothing looks like it sells.

And yea the obscure is probably better that'll teach me to mess with stuff before I've had my caffiene

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