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Immunity (uncommon power descriptor)


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I'm making a blaster with Plasma Control. He himself is not protected from his own plasma (or any plasma for that matter), so I was thinking of having him in some sort of magnetic stabilization suit. Plasma and Magnetic both fall under the "uncommon power descriptor" in the House Rules section.

Plasma Suspension Suit (technology) [5ep]

Immunity 4 (magnetic, plasma) (Power Feat: Subtle) [5ep]

My question: Does that just stop the descriptor or the actual damage? For example, the character is hit by a Blast (magnetic or plasma). Do the above Immunities negate the descriptor yet that damage is still dealt (which is what I'm leaning towards), or is the entire attack ignored?

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hmmm, perhaps. The character is basically an amalgam of the three Summers brothers and I was looking for something like Cyclops' visor and Havok's bodysuit to add some flavor to the character. He can still use his powers without it, but his clothing would be damaged when he used his powers, especially his Aura Strike. I wasn't really looking for Immunity to attacks with the proper descriptors, I just wanted it so he had an undersuit/hero costume that wouldn't be destroyed when he started slinging plasma, and also keep him alive when he's in the center of a maelstrom of 4th phase energy/matter. Perhaps this needs further examination?

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