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14th Annual Haunted Block Party [IC]

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Date: October 31st, 2009

Summer passed, and Fall quickly descended on Freedom City, bringing with it cool rains and even cooler breezes. As October grew old and November approached, the city made ready for its annual Halloween festival, The Haunted Block Party. Since 1995, the inhabitants of the theater district turned the two city blocks of Broadway between 64th St. and the Beaudrie Opera House into a "fair, games, and scares" trick-or-treat extravaganza. Between the hours of 6 and 8 PM, Broadway would be packed with hundreds of children of all ages and their families milling about, playing games, showing off their costumes, eating candy, and trick-or-treating for goodies at all of the shops, booths, and venders on the street. Every year Mr. Dirksen turned the bottom floor of his warehouse at the corner of 60th St. into a rather formidable haunted house, and every year he somehow managed to outdo himself. Admission was always free, and there was never a shortage of Freedom League costumes at the festival. Occasionally, a real Leaguer even made an appearance.

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In amongst one group of "Zombie Walkers" -- made up of students from the Freedom School of the Arts -- was, unknown to them, a real zombie. Well, more than a zombie... but he wasn't about to spoil things by bragging.

"Great costume, man!," one had said.

"Yeah, puts our to shame!," said another.

"Aww, shucks," Dead Head replied, "'t'ain't nothin' much. Got th'clothes from the Salvation Army, an' th'shovel from an All-Mart." Well, an All-Mart dumpster; it had accidentally been thrown out along with several other defective, warped shovels.

"Yeah, yeah, you now what we mean," a third said, reaching out to touch his face. "Your make-up is-"

"is a... special mix," he quickly said as he gently pushed the curious coed's hand away with his shovel, "due to a... skin condition. An' I don't want it to smear, so, please, if ya don't mind, no touchin'. Now, remind me, were we goin' up 60th street first, or...?"

The FreeSA student shrugged and smiled, then they all went back over their plans for the path they'd take through the two blocks.

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Eddie touched down in an alleyway behind one of the buildings in the theater district. He quickly pulled the bandanna up over his nose to just underneath the cheap sunglasses he was wearing. He really didn't care whether or not anyone would recognize what he was trying to be, but he didn't particularly feel like being scary, so that was that.

If the word party is involved, I obviously have to be there. He thought as he strolled out from behind the building. The rest of his costume consisted of loose fitting jeans held to his waist by a large brown belt with buckle, Vans covering his feet, a zip up sweatshirt, and an "LA" baseball cap. If anything was the give-away for this costume it would be the hat. The sleeves on the zip up had been rolled up to reveal his forearms. Covering his arms were a slew of fake tattoos, including a hammer and sickle on the back of his left hand. A single black leather studded wristband covered his right wrist.

As always, Eddie was not without his iPods. However in order to preserve the costume, this time he was using earbuds which went underneath the costume and bandanna to his ears.

He moved into the crowd and began to mingle.

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Chris Kenzie arrived at the street corner, clad in beige trousers with braces, a red shirt, and a long trenchcoat. He'd concealed his zappers underneath bulky black gloves, and had a water pistol holstered at his hip. He'd scrubbed a lot, but he wasn't entirely convinced Spellbound's lipstick had washed off. Crapcrapcrapcrap... Liz'll be here, and she'll know, and I'll have screwed something else up, and this time I'd really mind. Damndamndamn...

"Where is she?" he muttered to himself, jumping up onto a park bench. He saw her standing on the other corner, with a crowd between the two of them. She was dressed as a witch, in a long black raggedy dress and a hat which was impressively and physics-defyingly pointy.

Forcing his way across the crowd, he managed to sneak up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. Instinctively she whipped round and went to whack him, but saw who it was. And whacked him anyway. "Don't sneak up on me," she complained, leaning up to kiss him. "I might've had to put a curse on you."

"Yeah, but I'm just too darn pretty to curse," grinned back Chris. "I think my roommate Eddie mentioned he'd be coming. Wanna try and find him, he seems to find my love life entertaining for some perverse reason."

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Streaking into an alley ona road of fire, Spitfire arrived near the immense party. Having newly found himself out of a job due to an explosive coming out at the Carnival, Max was looking to have a good time and mingle in his oh so awesome costume. Fixing his scalp/hairpiece, Max walked out among the other party-goers. He smiled as some snickered at his costume and trundled to find the nearest place selling a bite to eat.

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