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Device question

Sandman XI

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Sounds to me like thats outside the scope of hard to lose. hard to lose is a device that is worn and you need to be incapacitated to remove. This is more like an integrated power that someone will have to do signifigant damage to you to remove, more akin to removing fingers than gloves.

Just buy it as a power with the cybernetics descriptor and take hte HP if someone is sick enough to rip it off of you when you are disabled in some fashion.

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Well I'm thinking that since it can be removed with a "failsafe" that would be the normal means. Its stillnot clear what kind of damage effect he's talking about. On the one hand its easily removeable with a "failsafe" (and I would assume a disable device check could cover that) as its just "attatched" to the skin doesn't sound like real damage or con drain. If its just causeing pain and no mechanical penalties than a descriptor or complication.

Basically this seems like its shoudl require a disable device check to remove if you don't want to do that you have to do major damage ala limb removal?

I guess I'm just not getting the point. I don't see even villians ripping hunks of flesh off an incapacitated foe so if anything it would be to his benefit to have a device that most people won't be able/willing to remove without an aditional check.

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Well the real question is if removing it hurts or causes damage and if it causes damage how much?

If it just hurts than a descriptor/complication covers it I would say. If it causes real damage then it might be some kind of homebrew drawback but I woudl say of exceedingly low frequency.

Another thought though.

Make it a normal power with a power loss drawback (when not equiped) that simulates that you can't use it if you don't have it on. And basically the removal aspect comes down to being arbitrated as needed in a given thread. An HP for them knowing the failsafe for instance.

Basically it doesn't sound like incapacitating him is enough to remove it it sounds like whoever incapacitates him has to go through signifigantly more to take it away and at that point deffiantely couldn't use it.

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Sand, can you tell us what the device/implant/whatever actually is? That would be helpful.

Ah-HA! One possible fix: Weakness (when [thing] is violently removed, lose 1 point of Con per [time interval] due to blood loss until receives surgery/healing). Though this isn't without problems: too short a time interval, you could die very soon; to long (or if you're always around healers), it's not much of a drawback.

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I still don't see it as worth the full device flaw personally. Hard to lose means that if you are incapacitated they can easily remove it. This sounds like they need to have the failsafe or to do gross damage to you. Given that in general we kinda frown of that kind of overkill stuff it seems that in the majority of cases this is better than a standard hard to lose device.

If you really are atatched to it being removeable I suggest a power loss drawback for when its not attached and the weakness like Doc suggested for if its forcibly removed.

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