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First Class - New Teacher at School (IC)


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It was the last class of the day, afternoon well entrenched at this point. The classroom was relatively large but nothing unusual. There desks in plenty, though they were bare. Even the teacher’s desk had nothing on it really. But given the fact that the teacher was an insubstantial energy being and only there part time, that wasn’t surprise.

Dark Star stood by the board, waiting patiently for class to start. His curriculum was a bit unusual, but so was the reason for his subjects. Physical sciences, with a specialty in cosmic phenomena, were his area after all. Combined with unique lessons on alien cultures as well ethics lessons, it would be a rather eclectic class. Still all the same, he was looking forward to it. Now he simply needed his class to arrive.

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Jadon arrived to class first, while he wasn't the A-grade student and teaches pet, He had wanted to get an early start on this particular class, If for the only reason to meet the teacher.

"I know, I know, All have all the school supplies next week, some thing's held me up from getting them before the start of the term." JJ blurt's out, Obviously having been drilled several time's today for not having all the equipment he needed.

Wandering up to Dark star JJ extended a hand, "Mr. Star, Name's Jadon, but you can call me JJ, I was wondering if after class some time we could have a chat..." JJ say's sort of uncomfortably, "I mean err I mean to say that your energy form? well I kinda have a similar thing going on and I err thought you might be interested." JJ half say's half mumbles, as his cheek's go red. "I'll err just go take my seat now shall I." He suddenly add's on before backing away.

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Alex slipped into the room as JJ sat down. She'd walked the bulk of the way with Mike but she'd been unable to keep fro hurrying the rest of the way to what looked to be a really new subject matter for Young Freedom's resident brain.

She hurried into the room, a riot of color in her skirts and tights and gave the teacher a cheery smile, "Hello, Mr. Dark Star!"

She gave JJ a little wave as well and scooted in to one of the front row seats to pull out a slim notebook.

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Mike Hadn't bothered picking up the pace much as Alex rushed ahead. She was always eager for new things to learn it was cute really but despite his intrest in the class he couldn't bring himself to rush to any school function, he was still a teen boy after all.

He strolled into the room a few moments after Alex and offered Dark Star a friendly wave, he had wanted to say more about how his advice before had helped but thought it would just sound cheesy so settled for a wave and smile as he took his seat next to Alex. Mike pulled out an already battered looking noatebook, how he managed to do that with in the first week of classes was anyones guess, and fished a pen from his pocket doodling in the margins as he waited for the rest of the class to arrive.

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Eddie lazily strolled in behind the rest. He had already had a routine when getting to classes. A new school and already the teachers all knew him. As he walked into the room he waved a friendly hello to his teacher. "I know, I know - No headphones." He said slipping them off his ears and down around his shoulders. He walked back to his seat dumped his bag at a desk, and started tuning into the local radio stations. At least none of the teachers have caught on to THIS trick yet. He thought, smiling.

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He nodded to the young man. "JJ it is then. Good afternoon. Nice to meet you. It's quite alright. All you will need for today's lesson is a writing implement and a notepad."

He chuckled at the extended hand and gave it a little telekinetic squeeze. "That's the best I can do I'm afraid. My energy form is a permanent affect. II've heard a little something about you dispersed plasmatic form. And I would be happy to talk with you after class about whatever you wish. It's quite alright JJ."

He looked over as Alex came in the room. "Good afternoon, Ms. Albright. Welcome." He nodded to Mike as Phalanx walked in. "Nice to see you again Mr. Harris. You're looking well." He looked over at Eddie. Having read something on the students made things a little easier. He'd get to know them soon enough on a personal level. He didn't want to sound like he was being harsh on the boy in front of his friends and peers. Through the young man's radio link, he said, "Actually Mr. Ozan, I believe the policy states they should be in a pocket. Not still around your neck." Using the radio hopefully allowed the boy to realize that he wasn't the only one who could use the radio without being blatantly obvious about it.

"We'll wait a few more minutes to see what stragglers wander in and then we'll get started."

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Alex gave the new professor a beaming smile and once there was a slight lull in the class chatter, raised one polite hand.

"Mr. Dark Star?" Once she'd been given some sort of sign of acknowledgement. The young psychic wasn't disconcerted by the energy form as she went off of mental cues to people's moods anyways, "At the moment, this is the only class you're teaching. Is there any chance you'll pick up any of the advanced language labs?"

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Pulling out a notebook and pen, while waiting for everyone else to arrive JJ absentmindedly began forming miniature sparkle's of light. He knew some people didn't like blatant show's of power, but than Jadon found focusing on the light he created to be relaxing and unnerving, that and it was hard to be subtle with power use when your power's were innately the opposite of subtle.

As he mindlessly shifted the light spectrum in front of him a slight buzzing noise caught his, but at quickly as it had occurred it vanished, shrugging JJ went back to watching the shifting light waiting for class to start.

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He looked over. "Yes, Ms. Albright? Advanced languages? Hmm, that I don't know. Mr. Summers is in charge of the course schedule after all. Given my constraints and the area I'm covering, I suppose this is a rather unusual course as it is. I could teach a call Lor or Grue, I'm fluent in both. I do that a little for the SCC when I can." He shrugged.

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Mike glanced up at Alexes question wondering why she thought he might be involved with language classes. Upon Dark Stars response he grinned at his longtime friend, of course she knew he spoke two languages she wouldn't be able to find a teacher for elswhere. Alex's broad based intrests had kept he from mastering every language on earth so far but only due to lack of indepth study a chance at extraterestrial languages wouldn't be something she could pass up.

He smiled up at Dark Star, "Alex has pretty broad intrests I think she was hoping your extraterestrial experiance might be available to round out the holes in her knowledge so far." He in the slightly teasing tone of good friends.

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Alex blushed at that but nodded her agreement, as she warmed to the topic. "Not to mention customs and ettiquete. There's a school of thought that the political scene of the future will be more galactic than simply planet based. It could even happen in our lifetime!"

She bounced a little with wide-eyed enthusiasm.

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Dark Star nodded. "There's nothing wrong with having a broad range of interests. It is quite healthy really. If you can handle a truly broad range without losing anything in the process, even better." He nodded in agreement. "There will be discussion of non-human cultures in this class as well, which will include some etiquette and the like of course."

He paused for a moment and gave a brief nod. "Eventually, yes, I agree that Earth will become more involved in politics on a galactic level; it is inevitible really. While I am hopeful, I do not expect it to occur anytime soon. Humanity still has some growing up to do. It has great potential however."

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By now Jadon had moved on from random light pattern's to creating what appeared to be a rather rudimentary house, although it looked worst than most kindergarten finger painting's of a house. "Do you think I'd be in our lifetime though?" JJ added, his eye's still focusing on the beam's of light that comprised the crude dwelling. "Actually Sir, may I suggest that as a field trip, you know going into space, maybe even to another alien civilization." JJ added as he looks over to Dark star, the rudimentary house vanishing as he losses his concentraition.

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Dark Star nodded. "Well that is a possibility, but it is rather remote. I am loathe to bring you to a potentially dangerous situation. Perhaps if I can arrange something with some associates from out there. But for now, a meet and greet with non-terrestrial cultures will have to wait. Nevertheless, I have lessons and activities already laid out." He glanced at the clock. "Another few minutes and we'll begin."

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James walked in, barely on time. He wasn't particularly interested in science class (or most of the classes he supposed). What was the point? It wasn't like it was going to have a lot of bearing on his life. But he had to take a science class, so here he was. He walked in and nodded to the teacher, notepad in hand. He moved to the back of the class and had a seat, stretching out as much as he could. He greeted his friends with a nod and a grin. "First day fun."

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Dark Star looked at the clock and nodded. "Alright then. Let's get started." He checked the roster off and lowered the student list back to the desk. "I thought today we'd do some basic astronomy. We'll start with our solar systems given the various planets, moons and star as well as the Oort cloud are pretty varied. Now, if you will kindly take your notebook and a writing implement and please join me outside to the Quad, we'll get today's lesson started." He nodded to them and moved out through the building walls and to the courtyard in a moment or two, waiting patiently for his students to arrive.

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Alex practically lit up at the mention of activities and assignements and finished jotting a few notes on her notebook. Although Alex really didn't need it, she found it saved time to take notes during class as more often than not she ended up making copies for Mike anyways. She slanted a glance to her best friend and enthused over their mental link while they trooped down the stairs, 'Oh, I hope he'll have some real work. I mean, the getting to know your fellow classmates intro stuff has been nice but won't it be cool to jump right into to astrophysics?'

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Mike stared blankly at his longtime friend, 'I think astrophysics is still a bit off for now. At least I hope so.' he replied. Walking out of the class room he wracked his brain trying to remember if Astrophysics had even been part of the course, he had really just sighned up when he saw who was teaching it.

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Classes never really were Eddie's strong suit. He was smart enough... but he just didn't really like the work. Or the part about being told what to do. I guess it won't be too bad if we are getting out of the classroom... he thought to himself as he followed his other classmates out of the room. In truth, science-y stuff was interesting to him. The fact that a local hero was teaching the class made it all the more bearable.

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James just shrugged and followed the others out. Anything that involved getting out of the room couldn't completely suck. He wasn't in any particular rush to do work mind you. But at least it wasn't just sitting there learning the names of things he could care less about. Twirling the pen around his fingers, he meandered down the stairs and out into the courtyard.

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Dark Star waited quietly in the courtyard, though he did track the student's progress as best he was able. It wasn't that he didn't trust them, far from it. It was more that he was now responsible for them as they were his students. Sure, the possibility of anything happening here on the grounds was remote but it was still his responsibility.

He waited until everyone had gathered. "Now, we will be taking some notes about the various planets, planetoids and other celestial bodies in this system. Some will even be, relatively speaking, hands on. If you are going to learn about it, I believe actually getting out there to see them with your own eyes will help make the information more poignant. So, we will be taking a short trip around the solar system. You will need to take notes and still pay attention. Consider it your classroom for the day. Just somewhat more open."

He waited for the murming to settle. "I will provide us with transport as well as the ability to survive. Now, I know that some of you are capable of survival in space or other atmospheres. Also that some of you have your own means of travel. You are not to leave the area I project. Period. I am trusting you to do so. If you violate that trust, this will be the only such trip for you." He looked around withi his white eyes at everyone to make sure they understood. "Now, as I said, we are not going to meet or interact with any other cultures out there and there should be nothing out of the ordinary happening. However, if I tell you to do something, I expect that you listen, remain calm and follow my instructions. No exceptions. This is for your own, and your fellow classmates, safety. Understood?"

After everyone had answered with agreement, and he was making sure everyone did, he nodded. "Excellent. We shall start with a trip to high orbit around Earth. Are there any questions before we begin?"

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