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"Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad, I'm hot for teacher!"


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I just had a thought, and wanted to run this by folks. What if Gossamer came back to FC and got a job as a chemistry teacher at Claremont? We could also have her teach at the college level, but I think she might get more RP in at Claremont.

And no, Gossamer is not going to be seducing students; I just couldn't resist the chance for a Van Halen reference :D

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From my experience in university and college, "being able to teach" is irrelevant compared to actually knowing the subject matter at an appropriate level. Professors are given workshops in delivering course material in a useful way, but success may vary.

I actually think this would be a great idea, and I have a vested interest in that our two hair-heroes need to find things to do that won't step on each others toes.

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Why is she doing this?

My feeling is that she wants to be part of an organization that helps people and work with other heroes like herself, but doesn't feel very comfortable joining one of the established teams. She is however very comfortable in academia, and has several nieces and nephews so she's not uncomfortable around kids.

Why is Claremont taking her in? (She has no experience teaching, right?)

She's a Harvard graduate who is willing to work at a salary far below her normal rate, plus I'm fairly sure most grad students do a good deal of student teaching, though I might be wrong. I was thinking one of things she did while away was get an alternative teaching certificate in New York, which most states accept.

I'm not absolutely married to the idea, but I think it might be fun :D

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Hey Heritage, did you actually want to start a thread of this nature? (i.e. Gossamer comes in for the job interview/campus tour?)

One of the main reasons Gossamer sought out such a intelligent and attractive dinner companion (truly a reward in itself :love:) was to secure an introduction to Duncan Summers, as Estelle thinks Doc might know him; that being said, she is Connected and has Contacts, so maybe she can just do that on her own and keep the dinnner completetly friendly.

One of her best Contacts is her older sister, Soleil de Havilland-King (aka Sunny), who is a Harvard grad, wife to a US diplomat in Tokyo and herself a former State Department employee, who seems to know everybody. Perhaps she knows Duncan somehow?

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Just to put it in perspective, Sunny is the Mycroft to Estelle's Sherlock if the Holmes brothers were Long Island socialite sisters; it's not so much that she is indollent as much as she is domestic, with a family living in Japan. She speaks five langauges, plays the cello and piano and has written a number of articles and papers on a wide variety of subjects.

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