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A GM Staff offer for wrapping up discontinued/fallen threads


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Okay, it happens to all of us at some point. You're playing in a thread, whether set up between players, or GM run, and because of people falling away from the forum, or for any number of reasons, the thread fizzles just when things get interesting or even before they can much get a move on despite a premise that drew you in, and falls into limbo, and inevitably gets closed, because it can't be sustained.

And that entirely sucks. It leaves someone without any closure or a sense they can tell themselves and picture how that arc ended for their character.

What we're offering is this. If you've been in a thread like that, and either no one else involved with it plays anymore, or you can get permission from the few that still do, you can create a post giving a fleshed out summary of how events proceeded and came to a close, then post it in your news thread. Aside from the whole adding to post count, you get to say how your character's adventure there ended.

To avoid any potential "And then Centurion came back from the dead long enough to say that I'm his son. And the awesomest being alive," we will want you to pm it to a GM for approval first, generally myself as I'm heading this up and otherwise lord over creating projects for the news forum.

Just post here or send a message directly about what thread you'd like to take up doing so with, and go from there.

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