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Save the Citizen(s)!


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I'm looking for interest in doing a little rescue work -- something that involves saving a large number of people from an environmentally oriented threat. Fire, chemical cloud, freezing water or the like is what I have in mind. Something that would require Hellbound to power stunt his Enhanced Con into an Immunity.

Bad guys are welcome either in the form of being the source of the disaster, trying to stop us from saving innocent lives or even doing a little reform work on the side. Good guys are welcome in helping out with the rescue.

Anyone interested?

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Sweet -- looks like there is some good interest in this. That's what I was hoping for. So we currently have anywhere from 3-5 heroes ready to roll (dependent on both Scarab and Avenger's participation), and I'm in the process of recruiting us a PC villain as well -- I'd still love to see Miko be a part of this, if you're reading us, Saku! :)

I think that's probably enough to start hunting around for a ref. Later this morning I'll drop a line out that we're in search of one. I can handle the introductory portion of the adventure, but once we start running into challenges I'd prefer that someone else be in charge of the details. Life's just a little more interesting when you don't control those allied against you.

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Don't see why not, Sneerg. We're still in the planning phase so far, nothing has been finalized.

How many threads is the 'Hawk in at the moment? I'm looking at the following in terms of priority:

Sammy (As he's not in any threads yet, and his Soul Shooter might be useful if we end up going against the vallain I'm hoping for)

Scarab (Her mental scans and psychic attacks may well prove invaluable for this one)

Those two I'd like to have for a certainty. In addition...

Darkstar -- in 3 active threads at the moment

Avenger -- available after one or more concurrent threads close.

I'm willing to run with as many players as are willing to post regularly, but whatever ref we end up with may hold the number to something reasonable. We'll have to see once one has shown some interest in us.

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Shoot. I thought this sounded like a cool idea, but apparently the refs didn't. Does anybody else feel like taking it on, GM-wise?

I don't think any of the Refs have said anything either way about the thread. Most are busy running threads they have already started, checking new characters, and RL. From what little I read of the idea, it doesn't look like you need a Ref to start you off.

You can easily set up the situation. Agree amongst yourselves how many people need to be saved, and then split the work. Have someone determine the results of the other character's actions kind of like a round robin.

Character A posts doing an action. Player B, the next to post, tells the results of Character A's actions before posting their own character's actions. Player C then resolves character B's actions before posting his own.

If things get to a point where everyone is working together, PM a Ref to help resolve the situation and then the thread can go back to the round robin effect.

Happy Gaming!

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