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  1. "You need to get out of here," Sammy said as he saw the guys putting out the fire. "If you get to the top, we can help you get off the ship. Are there anyone else down here?"
  2. If there's still room I would love to get Chill Out in on this :)
  3. "Okay, that didn't sound good," Sammy said as he tried to regain his balance. "I'm guessing you have more potent explosives than dynamite in the future?" Getting his equilibrium back, Sammy focuses on the voices they just heard. "Hello! Is there anyone down there!?"
  4. Leffa

    Friday Night Poker

    Southside could work, that seems to be where both my characters are operating. Sammy could host from his apartment, as long as you don't mind a domesticated dinosaur begging for treats :P
  5. Heck! It's even out in wee little Norway. I had tickets, but I had to work :cry:
  6. Hi. Would anyone be up for a friendly poker match. In the tradition of Ben Grimm's (in)famous poker nights, it would be fun for some of the characters to meet up and play some cards, drink some beer and talk about the latest gossip. Both my characters would love to play, but I was mostly thinking of Sammy for this one. He'd host it himself, but have no place to host. Anyone interested in taking part in something like this?
  7. "This might be too tight for you," Sammy told Silver as he saw the stairway. "And the stair might not hold the two of us." He motioned at Arrowhawk to show which two he meant. "Don't give me that look, I'm not calling you fat you big softy." Sammy sighed as he made his way down the stairs. "Make sure nothin' happens to the people up here."
  8. Sammy looked confused. "Cape? Don't have no cape. But I'm here to help any way I can." Sammy motions for Arrowhawk to lead the way. "Name's Sammy. Sammy Six-Shooter. And this is my trusty steed Silver."
  9. Once on the ship, Sammy quickly made his way over to the archer from the bridge. Doing his best to calm people as he moves. "Don't worry, it doesn't bite." He could barely hear the kid asking for a ride. "Hi there partner," Sammy smiled, despite the chaos around him. He got of his dinosaur and bent down to the kid. "What's your name kid? When all this is over, I promise to let you ride him, but right now lets focus on finding your parents and get y'all to safety." As he said it, he noticed the frown on Silver's face, he didn't really like to let anyone else ride him. Finding anyone know would be like finding a needle in a haystack, Sammy thought as he looked around. Though he did spot one of the crew. "Make sure he's safe, and finds his parents," he said as he let the crew member take responsibility of the kid. Right now there were too many in need of help. With the kid taken care of, Sammy could resume his original plan. Making his way to the archer, he seemed to be talking to another crew member. Maybe he'd have some idea about how Sammy could best help out.
  10. Sammy looked down towards the approaching ship when the black shape showed up. Inside his head, many thoughts were swirling. Why would a boat need a swimming pool? And if he jumped at the right time, would he be able to land in it? He looks up at the flying man, or so he presumed. "Much obliged stranger," he smiles. "I think there may be a theoretically possibility for me to jump and hit the big tub o' water on the back o' the ship. But Silver here is a real yeller when it comes to heights. So I'd like to take you up on your offer." He pats his companion to show him he still appreciate him.
  11. And how far is it down to the ship? I have a even bigger problem. If only I had thought of getting a lasso, I could use it to lower myself down :p
  12. Sammy held on to his stetson as he rode along the banks on his trusted steed, Silver the dinosaur. The few people around gave him strange looks, but he needed to take Silver out on a run. Give the dinosaur some exercise. If he didn't the big creature would go stir crazy, and as Sammy was on his third apartment since arriving in the future, he couldn't afford that. The last place wouldn't even return the security deposit. Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of the cruise ship. The biggest ship Sammy had ever seen had been traveling up and down the Mississippi, and this ship would put those to shame. As he stood there admiring the ship, he had no trouble seeing the explosion. "Golly old friends," he said patting Silver. "Seems fate had a reason for today's run." "Giddy up!" he exclaimed and the duo made their way up to the bridge, there they'd get a better view. As he got nearer he saw a figure drop down in the sea, and someone firing a gun of some sort.
  13. I'm ready to do some good. So, what's the crisis gonna be?
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