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I can’t believe I never rolled for that. 😛

I remember reading it and think I needed to roll, then promptly forgot to.


Both are a +10, so given what he’s looking at I say Knowledge, Arcane Lore: 25


The other thing I came here for, he has Well-Informed so can I make a check to see if he’s heard anything about this ‘the Light’ cult?

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Knowledge(Arcane Lore) result: sacrificial knives are a common gift/warning to those dabbling in the Vicious Tides, and this has all the markings of being a genuine article. The circle in which the corpse lies definitely has writing in the Infernal tongue, and the smoke does have a note of brimstone. By all appearances Hitspike Sr. was consumed by hellfire.


Which is unusual. Demons usually don't kill people they haven't tricked into an agreement that guarantees their damnation.


On 4/6/2022 at 9:41 AM, Spacefurry said:

he has Well-Informed so can I make a check to see if he’s heard anything about this ‘the Light’ cult?

Yes, by all means Space!



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@Spacefurry It's better than nothing! He has more than public knowledge (DC5, the Light is a group associated with some high-profile  and audacious murders committed in Europe and Asia in the last few years) or casual study (DC10, the few surviving killers who claimed association with the Light all spoke of it as a religious movement, but died in their cells from cardiac arrest before much information could be obtained), and Blackstaff knows that the Light has gone strictly after people suspected but never convicted of committing particularly severe crimes (ironically including murder). He also knows that self-proclaimed killers of the Light suddenly dried up last year after a string of slayings in France, though attacks with similar targets and modus operandi have continued.


Since he's taking a closer gander at the circle, my next GM post will describe and translate it.

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Sorry for taking so long to reply. I’m working on a post and I was thinking of having him attempt a small ritual. I was reading up on it, and for a HP he can try to ‘jury-rig’ it. Skipping the research part and caste gong it in a number of round equal to the power cost.

I wasn’t planning anything big or grand, I was thinking just a simple divination type thing to give him at least a rough idea of what kind of magic was on the knife?

I’m just having trouble figuring the power cost. I assumed it would be a Super-sense, just not sure how many ranks would be needed? There’s a ‘aura reading’ example, but it seems to focus on giving physical details. Any ideas?

Maybe something that grants him ‘Analytical’ for his Magic Awareness?

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