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Claremont Academy

Early Afternoon, Wednesday, November 3, 2021


Dr. Ellie Espadas had gotten used to walking the Claremont Academy campus as a visiting mentor rather than a student but she hadn't really been expecting to be asked back to speak with another student. Guess I'll take it as a vote of confidence, she mused to herself, long maroon coat switching about her ankles in the brisk November air. She'd worn a tan turtleneck and black slacks with enough stretch to move about freely; she wasn't expecting that sort of action specifically but around that many kids with powers you never knew when the situation might call for some acrobatics.


Waiting outside one of the school's dormitories she mentally reviewed the brief description she'd gotten of Rosalind Sommaripa ahead of time, which hadn't been much more than a photo of an uncomfortable looking teenager and a couple of sentences about extraterrestrial jewelry. Ellie considered the chunky bangle bracelets hanging about her own wrists. Probably not looking for accessorizing advice. 

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In Rosalind's experience, in more mundane circles, only the very best or the very worse got a mentor and she didn’t feel she counted as both. Really she wanted to take the day off and just scroll through Tik Tok all day, but apparently it wasn’t an option. So she pulled on her lucky chunky turtle-neck sweater and slunk down to meet her mentor.


Whilst the local news back in Shamong covered most hero activity in it’s bigger neighbour, there were so many heroes it was difficult to keep track of them all and she only vaguely recognized the name. Still no reason to be rude or anything.


Erm, Ms O’Cure, I’m Roselind pleased to meet you!” she had a local New Jersey accent

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"It's actually Mrs. O'Cure," Ellie greeted with a lopsided smile for the hesitent teenager. "Well, it's technically Dr. O'Cure but nobody needs to be that person, amirite? You can call me Jill if that works for you." It was always a bit of a toss up how she was going to have to handle her secret identity - or identities -  around Claremont Academy but if she'd been introduced to Rosalind by codename she could roll with that. "I figured we could find a spot wherever on campus you felt comfortable? Unless you've got any questions for me right off the bat?"

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Well that could have gone much worse Roselind mused as she smiled faintly and processed the question. It was a good sign they didn’t start with any of those difficult mentor type questions. She wasn’t really comfortable anywhere yet, well not comfortable enough to sit and chat.


Well back home I liked to go walk in Wharton forest, the other side from Freedom. It’s not quite the same but there’s a little grove of tree’s down the bottom of the campus. If you don’t mind, it’s quite a walk to get there. Unless you can fly?”


Was it considered rude to ask other supers if they could fly? This whole super business needed a good guide about the does and don’t of team-ups.

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'Jill' gave an amused snort and shook her head. "No, I'm a grappling hook gal. Walking's fine with me." She gestured for Rosalind to lead the way; she knew the spot the teenager was referring to but figured it was best to let the girl set the pace herself.


"You're pretty local, right? Settling in to the campus alright or still getting used to being away from home?" She was more getting the vibe that Rosalind was still getting used to being in her own skin let alone anything else. That seemed like a topic to work up to, however.

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Feeling confident enough to lead the way Rosalind tried her best to sound relaxed as she answered the question as honestly as she could.


Yes I live in a town called Shamong, just the other side of the forest.”she made a gesture in that general direction “We can see Freedom City on the horizon, but I never imagine the city looking anything like this.” another hand gesture.


And it’s not the furthest I’ve ever been in the state, but it’s the longest I’ve been away from home. And it’s just over there, I can be there in a few minutes, but I’m not allowed and it’s frustrating. Guess that makes me a little bit homesick?”

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