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Praetorians Sovereign Rule OOC


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Thanks everyone, Queenie is unsurprisingly up first!


Right now there are 5 thugs visible at the entrance of the warehouse, any coming from side streets are not yet in sight.




22 Queenie (unharmed) 2 HP

10 Traveller (unharmed) 1 HP

7 Magnetar (unharmed)

5 Indigo Moon thugs (5 currently visible)

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Magnetar will use is targeted cone magnetic blast the thugs that withstood Traveller's stun, taking 10 to hit them.


They all Fail their reflex saves and then fail their toughness saves, so they are now out.


A new threat appears and we are on to 




22 Queenie (unharmed) 2 HP

10 Traveller (unharmed) 1 HP

7 Magnetar (unharmed)

6 Load Lifter (unharmed)

5 Indigo Moon thugs (5 currently visible but trapped)


@EternalPhoenix Queenie is up!

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Ho-kay, let's do some math. Power Stunt ahoy!


Blast 7. 14/24 Array PP. Two Extras (Targeted Burst Area & Selective Attack). One is nulled cost wise by a Flaw (Action [Full]). So we're at 21 PP. Need Accurate 2 to meet caps, so 23 PP. Throw that last PP at Progression (Improved Area) just so it's big enough. Yeah. Nice.


Blast 7 (Power Feats: Accurate 2, Progression [Improved Area 35-70 ft]; Extras: Targeted Burst Area, Selective Attack; Flaw: Action [Full])


Why, you ask? To put down the good squad and take a swipe at the exoskeleton at the same time. Queenie isn't playing around today. Especially because she's using Power Attack +4 to get back to her usual balanced Attack/Damage of +11 each. Taking 10 on the minions lets me hit them easily with that attack bonus. DC of 26 Toughness. But if that's not allowed because exoskeleton, I'll roll. Burning an HP to ignore the fatigue, too.


And, for the record, she is flying and thus out of melee range from anyone on the ground. I think of that as her combat default and thus didn't mention it before when I should have.

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