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Praetorians: Sovereign Rule (IC)


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Wyvaan IV
Outer length of the Perseus Arm
Lor Time Mark 2002.5 (August 28, 2021 Terran Calendar)


Blaster fire streaked past Sitara Shashikala and Maybelle McQueen as they had approached the entrance to a pre-fab warehouses within an industrial zone of a large city that had sprung up on the once sparsely populated fourth planet of the Wyvaan system. Like many of the most hospitable worlds within or near Coalition worlds, Wyvaan IV had seen a massive increase in population in the years since the Incursion through the relocation efforts for those that had been displaced. 


Despite how recent the relocation efforts had been, many of the relocated sentients had come to view Wyvaan IV as their home and the world had begun to prosper as it joined the Coalition. However, given its proximity to the revived portions of the Stellar Khanate, the sudden growth in population had allowed Khanate criminal syndicates to easily expand their influence to the world.

It had been a request from the planetary government that had brought a group of Praetorians to the world to help shut down some of those operations. Sitara had managed to quickly uncover some leads, which had led them to this industrial zone. Apparently the syndicate members were not at all reluctant about putting up a bit of a fight.


"Traveller, Quennie, be careful, there are more armed beings approaching from the side streets." Came a message over the comms channel from Magnetar, another Praetorian who had been covering the pair's approach to the warehouse from the air.


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Maybelle McQueen did not care. She did not want to be in space right now. She did not want to be dealing with space criminals. She did not want to be on this planet so very far away from the baking she had planned for this week. She wanted to be at home, in her own kitchen, baking sweet treats. But she’d made a commitment, and so she hadn’t been home most of the year. 2021 had been a busy year for space crime, and her help had been requested on numerous occasions. She hadn’t physically set foot on planet Earth in three months. Fortunately, Praetorian communicators came with universal translation because she was in no mood to passively listen. A translucent silver pot encased the 5 goons at the front of the warehouse. “Two options, fellas. Put the weapons down and surrender, or we stop playing nice.” She trusted Traveller to keep an eye on the side streets.

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The Traveller

Sitara was on the other hand enjoying the chance to stretch her combat legs a little. Over the last year or so she’d been wandering space more than normal, trying to make sense of what she’d learned about the species that had made her all those millennia ago. However whenever the Praetorians need her help she was there as quickly as she could.


Seeing that Queenie had this group under control she took to the air looking if any other groups were out to cause them trouble.


Another group of them coming out way, let me see if I can thin there numbers.”


Quickly adjusting her power pikes setting she slung the pike over her shoulder to provide some bracing before firing a neural stunning field.


Okay that could have gone better, still a few down for now. How many do we figure are here right now?”

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"Hard to say." Magnetar stated in response to Traveller's question about how many there might be. "Likely depends on how extensive this operation is, and how many are present during this cycle."


The dark green skinned Praetorian flew over near Traveller and unleased a wide magnetic blast down at the three individuals that had withstood Traveller's stun attack. The magnetic blast struck all three, knocking them off their feet and sending them down to the ground unconscious.


"If they remain this easy, it might not matter too much how many there are." He then added.


Just as that was spoken, the large door near where Queenie had trapped several of the criminals exploded outward and a large metalic exo-skeleton used for moving cargo came stomping out and making its way towards the Preatorians.


"Well, might have spoke too soon." Magnetar then added.

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And here was the backup, in a giant metal thingamawhatever; Queenie didn’t care. Okay, fine. Playtime? Over. She’d been working on this one for a little while now. Three months of picking off goon squads one by one got to be a real pain in the backside. And so now, behold. Her forcefield visibly surged in energy output for a moment. The pot abruptly disappeared, freeing the five goons. And a barrage of translucent silvery apples slapped them all to the ground while bouncing off the whatever. Hmm. Maybe not apples, next time. She pointed at the whatever from her position in midair. “You, in the thingamajig. Really not helping. Turn it off, get out, and surrender. Or we break it. I bet it costs more money than you do to your boss.”

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The Traveller

Whilst Sitara had been a warrior for many millennia she’d also been an engineer for just as long. And she’d seen these kind of power lifters many times before, really her power armour was just a much fancier version.


Hmmm looks like a SKR-11L, Lor design, cheap and cheerful! I bet they didn’t even disable remote diagnosis.”


As she spoke she used her suits computer to link with the control systems, accessing the code of the machine.


I think I wrote some of this code! Should be easy to put it into maintenance mode...”


Thus done a half dozen safety systems, the Lor were nothing but cautious, shut everything down so the potentially fault suit couldn’t harm the user.

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  • 3 weeks later...


The large loadlifter began to power down, the occupant visibly panicked as he began pushing buttons and otherwise trying to get the exo-skeleton to power back up in. In just a few moments the towering vehicle hunched over, no longer a threat.


Magnetar flew over towards another of the alleyways leading towards the front of the warehouse and unleashed another wide arching magnetic blast. "That should be the last of the external threats." Magnetar stated over the comms. "Now just whatever is waiting inside."


Through the damaged warehouse doors, Queenie and Traveller could see stacks of boxes filling the inside. A few stray blaster bolts streaked out through the opening, flying harmlessly wide of the two Praetorians.

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Queenie sighed. She wasn’t the type to complain, but all the same. She was homesick, and very tired of space crime. “Hopefully there aren’t too many. When we’re finished I’d like to go home.” She flew into the warehouse completely in the open. Cover? Didn’t know her. “Okay, you guys get one last chance to surrender. If you don’t I’m sad to say this is going to hurt.”

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