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Little Spider in the Big CIty [Open]

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Emerald Spider

Downtown Freedom City

Around dawn, 1st July 2021

Peri hadn’t expected to explore Freedom quite so quickly, she blamed jetlag that meant she was full of energy at this ungodly hour. Not knowing where to get good Kimchi in this city she’d instead decides to swing arounf the city and get her bearing. She’d alraey found the place where the Air Conditioning conference was going to happen, the reason she was in the city for the rest of the week, and had tried a New Jersey hotdog. It was amazing how excited and yet blasé the local were about superheroes.


Sitting on the roof finishing her hotdog she wondered how long it would be until she ran across any, if you watched the news you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting onw and by now she sure sighting of Emerald Spider had already started to make there way to social media.

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  • 1 month later...

Emerald Spider

Peri had to admit that East Coast cities seemed to do better hot-dogs than back home, though she’d not find better kimchi that back home. Maybe after the exciting day of air conditioning seminars she’d have a chance to explore the city from the ground.


Now was a chance to explore the city from the air, disposing of her trash she sent a strand of quantum web spinning into the air, following it to start to swing through the city.


The beauty of Freedom City she figured was that you never knew quite what you’d find!

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Shooting Star


Alice flew effortlessly through the air, she hadn't been able to sleep and decided to go for a patrol. The cool morning air made her feel a more relaxed, and she was starting to think about heading home when a streak of green caught her eye. Sweeping to the side she quickly increased her speed to catch up, looking at the stranger as she pulled up beside them. A dark green bodysuit with what looked like silver filigree and something causing the air around them to simmer. It was not a shabby look, which is more than she could say for her first outing...


"Hey there, you new to Freedom City?"

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Emerald Spider

It was kind of nice to not be instantly recognized, even with the blossoming of new heroes in Emerald City she stood out as the alleged first modern hero. But Freedom City was filled to the gills with heroes and she didn’t even stand out as the only spider themed super here.


She followed her rope of quantum web to a nearby building sticking to it due to quantum interference. She couldn’t fly so this was the best she could manage.


You could say that...” Peri spoke in her soft west coast accent “I’m Emerald Spider!”

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Most of the times Nightscale didn't patrol at Downtown, after all, the least he could to for his community is to focus on Southside safe while he wasn't busy with school, but then again, knowing the whole of Freedom City was gonna serve him well in years to  come and besides, the idea of jumping from roof to roof among the city tallest buildings sounded fun, all things considered.


So far tough, his exploration had been kinda uneventful, not that he was craving to meet some criminal of course, but still, he could have used a distraction. So when he noticed a streak of energy in the air he quickly rushed to investigate.  


It didn't look like they were criminals though, in fact Luke had already met Shooting Star. 


"Hey!" He saluted the two, smirking playfully under the mask of his makeshift costume. "I did not expect the skies to be as busy this late at night, you know?" He chuckled. 


"Nightscale at your service." He introduced himself.

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Shooting Star


Alice blinked as the stranger introduced herself as Emerald Spider, not exactly a household name in Freedom but she did know that she was one of Emerald City's Heroes. Pulling short before she went through the wall she landed on she was about to reply when Nightscale arrived, looking... Much more similar to how she did originally in terms of costume quality, which to be fair she was pretty sure he was new.


He could at least wear a cape so he didn't look quite so much like a mugger.


"Hey there Nightscale, agreed on the busy skies but at least it's heroes and not an alien invasion or something." She moved to pretend to be sitting in the air as she gestured to Emerald Spider, "Allow me to introduce our visitor from afar, Emerald Spider! I'm Shooting Star by the way." Alice grinned as she tacked on the last part quickly, grinning at the hero.


"So what brings you to our little city? Hunting a hoverboard riding tech genius who killed your fiancé? Trying to capture a super powered alien slime monster that possessed a friend of yours? Or are you just here for sight seeing?" She grinned mischievously as she spouted off the first ridiculous scenarios that came to mind, rolling forward to appear to be lying down in mid air.

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