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The Obsidian Prison: The Petty Tyrant

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A crisis has been reported in Rodney, a suburb a few hundred miles outside Freedom City. The local government has been taken hostage by a mysterious man with skin of black stone. Those police that resisted him have reputedly been sealed inside shards of similar rock, and he has brought together a group of criminals of various stripes to keep the citizens in line. Though the report only came in two days ago, it has supposedly been a week of mayhem and chaos for the people of Rodney, and it only promises to get worse. Rodney needs heroes to liberate the town from the grip of its tyrannical new overlord.


This is a PL 7-8 thread that will be mostly combat, with perhaps a bit of stealth and investigation as well. While I have a few ideas on how the story might progress after the town is liberated, it's not something I'm willing to fully commit to at the moment. Thus, I welcome all comers who might be interested in scrapping with a bunch of thugs with more guns than wits and a minor powerhouse with a few interesting quirks.

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