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April 2nd 2021, 11:30

An abandoned warehouse in Kingston


The music was loud.


The beat was good, people were having fun, with the music blaring through the empty warehouse in Kingston. Things were slowly starting to return to normal after the Terminus Invasion. 


At least normal enough that plenty of people were feeling brave enough to get to the abandoned areas near the Doomforge to take over the buildings for underground parties.


Like the one that Luke Landers and Leon Moore found themselves at.


The music was loud.


The party was fun.

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“What did I tell you!” Leon had to yell a little to be heard, but he was grinning like a kid in a candy store as the music hammered him and his friend. “Isn’t this awesome! Now this is a ‘Good Friday’!”


A leather looking jacket/hoodie combo hung open revealing a Justice t-shirt. His usual jeans and sneakers completed the outfit.


Leon put an arm around Luke’s shoulder to be heard a little better. “Elizabeth would love this.” He said absentmindedly with a chuckle. “Let’s find some trouble.”

He patted his friend on the back and scanned the crowd for potential targets as he nodded along with the music.

After all, parties like this had plenty of rich brats, which meant there would be plenty of dealers. Lightening their wallets always made these parties even more fun.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Luke grinned. “Yeah man.” It was a shame that Muirne couldn’t join for the evening fun, but apparently she had to work for a group project or something. Now, it was Friday, but then again she was the type to take these kinds of things seriously. Yeah... 

Girls, loud music, girls, drinks, girls (now he was dating someone of course, but he still had eyes). “That’s freaking great man. Where the hell did you find out about it?” Claremont parties had a bit more a preppy vibe didn’t they? This was more fitting of his tates, more raw… cool. Plus the whole partying the night out in the shadow of the Doomforge had a certain special vibe. For the night Luke had chosen a sneakers and ripped jeans (although his were a not exactly fashion choice) combo, plus a white sleeveless t-shirt.

Let’s Go!” He shouted enthusiastically, at Leon’s remark that it was time to stir up some troubles.

He noticed his friend scanning the scene. Luke shook his head, disapprovingly. “You for sure are somethin’ man.” He laughed. “We are not here to work, you know?” He remarked, playfully, now it was his turn to give his friend a strong pat on the back as he half lead half pushed Leon toward the middle of the crowd where a group of girls about their ages were dancing in a small circle, a wide smile on his lips.

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This was not Casper's kind of party. Really, he wasn't sure what kind of party was his party. This was just... not it.


So why was he here? A man in thirties, standing awkwardly to the side with an open black jacket standing off to the side, just watching what was going on?


Well, he had heard that something was going to happen here.


And besides, this was Kingston. Who knew what could happen to all these kids when they were this close to the Doomforge. He kind of felt like he should keep an eye on them, just to be on the safe side.

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Luke saw her first. Then Leon.


She was, to put it simply, beautiful. Green eyes, freckles, long red hair. A little bit short, but not too much. She was dressed in a dark crimson dress that hugged her body tight. It ended just above her knees, with a slit on each side. Her shoulders were bare, but she wore long crimson sleeves that stretched up her arms to just under her shoulders and left her hands free. 


She was chatting with a man with shoulder length brown hair, dressed in an open purple jacket with the sleeves torn off, wearing nothing underneath it. He was grinning, before giving her a thumbs up and wandering off. The young woman looked after him and shook her head, before smiling as she spotted Luke and Leon.

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“I still know a few people that know people.” Leon chuckled.


“Can’t find trouble if you don’t look for it.” He laughed at his friend’s jab and let himself be pushed forward.

”After all, if your new gal ain’t mad at you when we get back, I haven’t done my job as your friend.” Leon grinned mischievously back at Luke, not seeing the girl yet.

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"You're gonna find that job quite hard to do, let me tell ya." Luke chuckled, yeah, no way he was gonna do anything more than flirt a little, perhaps not even that (watching is not cheating right?).


Hadn't that redheaded bombshell just smiled at them, though? She had right? Luke replied with a playful smile of his own.


Now if he wasn't a good boyfriend he would have much likely tried to hit on her, but alas... "By the way, you don't have the same constrains as I do, am I right?" He grinned again, giving his friend another playful nudge and tossing a glance toward the girl in the crimson dress. 


"Let's go make a new friend." He smirked, wading through the crowd with ease. "Hey..." He saluted her enthusiastically, but at the same time giving some space to his friend to make his own introduction.

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19 minutes ago, Nerdzul said:

"You're gonna find that job quite hard to do, let me tell ya." Luke chuckled, yeah, no way he was gonna do anything more than flirt a little, perhaps not even that (watching is not cheating right?).


"That sounds like a challenge, good sir."  Leon chuckled as his friend continued to nudge him along.


"Constraints? Me? Did you forget who you're talking to?" He smirked then looked to see what he was looking at. As his gaze swung around he noticed an older mad standing off alone, it seemed a little suspici-

Leon's train of thought was obliterated when he laid eyes on the girl. As he took in the long red hair, freckles and the bright green eyes his attention was captured completely. It took a moment before he was able to tear himself free of their lure. He quickly managed to gather himself and put on a confident smile.


"Hey." He echoed Luke.

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The red-headed woman chuckled lightly and shook her head. "Hey right back at ya," she replied with the laugh still caught in her voice. "Have we met before? I swear there's something about the two of you, like I've seen you somewhere before... you guys been on the news or anything like that?"


She took a few steps forward while she spoke, moving closer and wrapping her arms around herself.


"I'm sure I've seen you two somewhere before... like... like that thing in Bayview a few months ago? The car and those robots that fell out of the sky? Weren't you there?"

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Casper was sure he'd seen those two somewhere before. That girl with the red hair and the guy without a shirt. Was that what kids wore these days? No shirts? He looked down at himself, feeling just a bit old. It wasn't the first time this evening that he felt like that, either.


He was probably wrong about it. They were just kids that had been in a fight or something, now the redhead was chatting up a couple of other kids. Classic move, make the boyfriend jealous by dancing close with some other boys, yeah.


But still, that boy without the shirt. He kind of felt like he should follow him. 


Casper moved casually through the crowds, following the man, while he left the redhead and the kids behind.

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"Well, myself, I'm sure we hadn't met already, no way I'd have forgotten about it, if it was the case..." He smirked playfully.


"And I seriously hope that you haven't seen us on the news, I mean, would have meant that they caught up to us." He laughed with her, taking a few steps closer himself, so that they could dance together a bit if they wanted to. 


The fight with the robots, yeah he was there and with no costume, so there was a chance that she had actually seen him on the news, it would have definitely been a good occasion to show off, but... well, he would have been a terrible wingman if he didn't leave that opportunity to his friend, wouldn't him? So instead he just grinned.

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