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Freestyle! OOC

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Pretty much, yep.


Freestyle's putting more distance between you, you better hurry or come up with some other way of catching up!


23 - Chimera - 2HP - Unharmed

21 - Freestyle - Unharmed

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DC17 Fort save: 20, not stunned!

Freestyle throws an explosive at you: 12

That's a miss!

For movement action, she runs up a nearby wall, towards another roof!


23 - Chimera - 2HP - Unharmed (-2 Defense)

21 - Freestyle - Unharmed

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Alright, give me some rolls for how you want to look for clues! There's computers for Computers checks, Search for looking around, Investigate for, well, investigating the clues you find!


Time is limited, so you might not have time to check up on everything before security arrives at the building!

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There's a lot of files on the desktop, its actually quite a mess, but everything (the folder being marked, in part, along with some traces you can find) points to a folder labelled "ENH. OP".


Further looks inside the folder seems to be notes and 3d models of possible enhancements to the robotic arm.

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As far as Jennifer knows, Bastion Technologies is a smaller scale technology business. Nothing as crazy as ASTRO Labs, ArcheTech or MarsTech. They're not omnipresent, but you have heard about them, at least. Nothing good, nothing bad, just another company.


You can probably find their office adresses if you google them.

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