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Dr. Midas Returns


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Wading Way, Freedom City

November 22nd, 2020

3:00 PM


The outside of a bank almost exploded as man in a golden battlesuit smashed through the windows, a large briefcase in his hand. He landed heavily on the pavement, looking up at the people on the street around him, quickly followed by a trio of people in silver colored battlesuits, all holding heavy suitcases of their own. The battlesuits appeared to be inspired by medieval knights armors, aside from the helmet of the golden one, at least, which sported a large red eye in the center of the helmet, which otherwise had no features.


"We got the gold boss, now what?" One of the men in silver armor asked, drawing a groan of irritation from the man in the golden armor.


"Then we run you idiot! Back to the headquarters, like we planned!" With sirens wailing in the distance, all four took off from the ground, heading through the city with powerful boot jets.

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Casper was not having a good day. He had lost his job at the pizza place. They really didn't like that he had to skip out on a few deliveries to chase some bad guys, and he was behind on child payments again. 


All he wanted to do was to get a hotdog from Jake's down at Wading Way. Take his time, enjoy it. The best hotdog cart in all of Freedom, as far as Casper was concerned. And now, as he stood with the bounty in his hands... and then Dr. Midas and his Silver Centurions came crashing out of the bank behind him, smashing into the street and taking off with their cash.


Casper looked down at his feet and the remains of his hotdog on the sidewalk, covered in shards of glass. He felt like he could cry.


"Aw, man..." 


Turning off the street and running into a corner, Casper opened his jacket and pulled open his shirt, revealing a blue ghost logo on a white and grey uniform. 


Midas just had to go and make it personal, didn't he?

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Pol was super-excited! First Miss Americana had helped her get her first state ID card, and now thanks to a money order for two hundred dollars from her missing parents, she was able to open her first bank accountat the Eastern Seaboard Bank, complete with debit card. Now she could do people stuff and buy people things! She did a little spin as she strolled along Golden Row.


But her delight at her first real step towards personhood was rudely interrupted when a trio of bad guys came smashing out of the bank next door, throwing shattered glass everywhere. "Stop that," she yelled as she shook the glass out of her curly hair. Seeing as the miscreants did not  cease said behaviour, Shift ducked behind a sculpture, there was a series of whirings and clanks, and then what looked like a long, low-slung motorcycle came roaring out from behind it after the criminals.

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Jennifer's morning had already been going poorly. She'd already had to spend her Sunday morning downtown running errands. The microwave in her dorm room had 'mysteriously' stopped working. And when she told her roommate 'mysteriously', she had meant the alien symbiote she was bonded with had 'eaten' part of it when she wasn't paying attention. So she felt responsible for replacing it. Not that big of a deal normally but when her parents had transfer the money she asked to borrow to her account there had been a 'hick-up' as the nice, matter-of-fact lady on the phone had put it. So here she was at the bank to talk to a representative when a couple of yahoos in armored get ups knock the bank over.

Jennifer had done her best to remain calm while they had, she assumed, broken into a safe or something and collected their, whatever it was they were after. She couldn't actually do anything with a bank full of witnesses. Their goodies in hand, the villains proceeded to smash their way out through the giant windows and out onto the sidewalk.

In the moments after the bank staff and customers exploded into chaos. Jennifer stared out the broken window watching as the thieves seemed to hesitate before taking to the air. In the distance she could hear the sirens as they converged on the bank.


"What the hell and I thinking?" She thought, even as her feet started to take steps towards the shatter glass. She had almost no experience.  What was she actually gonna do? She could just follow them and when they stopped, she would call the cops. There was no need for her to actually confront them. Yeah, that was is.

And like that, Jennifer was through the broken window and running down the sidewalk. She was still dressed in the skirt and blouse she wore on interviews. She had wanted to look as professional as she could when dealing with the bank, but she was regretting it now. She wished for some loose jeans, or better yet her track clothes. She wasn't wearing her running shoes either, but not for the first time she was thankful for the flats she preferred over heels.


It wasn't until she was able to duck down and alley in pursuit that she was finally able to call on the symbiote. It reacted almost instantly, the techno-organic material seeping out of her skin and spreading like tendrils around her limbs and body. It crept up along her neck and across her cheeks and then a thin layer grew across her nose and mouth like some weird bandit mask. The tendrils did little to nothing to hide her clothes but with the 'mask' she felt comfortable enough to actually run at full speed.

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The street was far from clear, filled with cards that blocked Shift's progress along the street. Chimera would face similar issues running through the streets, but it would be easier to navigate on foot, at least. From above, Ghost would not face the same issues, at least.


Dr. Midas, the man in the golden armor, looked back over his shoulder at the roar of the motorcycle that were following them as they flew through the city. He motioned with his hand towards the weird bike, and one of the Silver Centurions broke away from the pack, turning towards their pursuer.


The last two Silver Centurions followed closely behind.

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Feeling really bad about it, Shift ratcheted her chassis to catapult herself into the air, not unlike the leap of a cricket, to land on top of the roof of a cab. Now above the crushing spaces between the cars, she hopped from rooftop to rooftop, internally gritting her teeth at the damage she was doing.


"Sorry, sorry! After bank robbers!"

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A flash of white and light blue energy moved chaotically through the city. It moved incredibly fast, passing above Shift, bouncing around the street and finally stopping right in front of Dr. Midas where a man in white and grey costume, with light blue goggles pulled down over the eyes on his white mask, appeared, leaving faint trails behind.


"Midas! It's been way too long, buddy!" 


Ghost quickly picked up speed to keep up with Dr. Midas, flying ahead of him and reaching out with his right hand.


"What's new? How's the little nuggets doing back home?"


God, why Midas of all people? He was such a pain to deal with. 


And of course he rolled out of the way of the touch. He knew what Casper could do with a touch, but that didn't really matter, did it?

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Jennifer easily kept up with the flying armored suits as she picked her way through both traffic and pedestrians, keeping an eye on them as she did so. When she spotted two of the minions... Was that the right term? She supposed it was... two of the minions break off and seemed to turn back. It almost looked as if they where heading toward street level a block over. If they were splitting up it was gonna make it more difficult to follow, but she reasoned that if she could just keep an eye on the golden one that seemed to be the leader, it would be the best option. Then a worried thought struck her, if those two where heading down to the street civilians could get caught up.

Civilians? And what was she? She wasn't anyone of authority.

Still, she couldn't let someone get hurt if she could help it. Rachael would never forgive her if she didn't try. Before she could act though something happened up in the air. A real hero had appeared in white and grey, the man confronting the armored leader. If a real, costumed hero as on the scene should she just stop then? She could duck away, and just go home. Surely the bank would let her reschedule.

But then she remembered the other two. If the hero was dealing with those three, the others could get away or worse, hurt someone.

"Son-of-a..." She cursed at herself even as she turned down a side street. Moving to intercept the two armored goons she had no idea where they, themselves moving to intercept another hero-to-be.

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"Get it!" One of the Silver Centurions flew straight above Shift, raining golden blasts down around her. Fortunately, he didn't seem to hit, well, anything, his blasts reaching nothing but pavement, even missing the cars that Shift was moving above.


The other two continued to follow Dr. Midas, rolling around in mid-air to send blasts flying back towards Ghost. Both blasts coming in straight at his chest and head, only to pass right through him.

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