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The last house on the street (IC)

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October 13th, lunch period at Claremont.

Fall had arrived and was here to stay, and many in Claremont Academy wouldn't have it any other way. Many shared stories filled with terror and gloom, of unknowing brusks with supernatural doom.

Across social platforms however a curious story began to spread, of kids and teens finding a decrepit and decidedly Gothic Manor appearing in places one shouldn't be around the city. Some said they saw it deep in an alley way, others that they saw it in places where they knew someones house or business stood before. Without anything more than hearsay though it would be easy enough to just dismiss as someones attempt at making fresh creepypasta if it wasn't for the fact that no mods of any sort seemed to take notice of these posts no matter how many rules were broke in the comments. An interesting mystery for sure but one seemingly destined to be forgotten.

Or it was. Lunch Period had only just started and the assorted teens of Claremont Academy were already pushing and shoving their way past each other to claim the best tables and other seating when two in the crowd heard the very distinct sound of someone they knew calling their names.

"Hey! Pol, Luke! Over here!" Zach called out, raising his voice only loud enough to be heard over the clamor of the crowd as he made his way to whichever of the two was closest and waving the other over. "You two see those stories about the teleporting house? I figured out where it's going to show up next. You two want in on cracking that ball of weird wide open?"



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Hey.” Luke waved at Zach, or better, shook his head in his friend’s general direction, his hands too busy balancing the content of his way over capacity lunch tray. Not that it will stay that way for long of course. “What’s up man?” He said, as he found a spot for himself close to the young tech-boy.


A teleporthing houshe?” He smiled, despite having already begun devouring his meal. Claremont’s offer was way better than anything he had at the old school, it was not comparable to mom’s though, but then again… free… so yeah…


Would be cool, I mean, it’d be like, no need for a car if you can just move your house around.” He smiled. “But I bet you’re talkin’ about some spooky stuff though, right?


Yeah shure I’m in…

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Pol didn't consume human food, but they still liked lunch time for socializing. It was a great time to catch up with friends or just talk about random fun stuff. This morning they'd been using their default mechanical form, since it required minimal thought.


When Zach called Pol and Luke over, the robot paused for a moment, then assumed their common female form wearing a simple T-shirt and torn jeans. She wasn't sure why, but she preferred to be female around Luke.


Running her fingers through her hair, Pol came she came over to Zach's table and carefully sat next to Luke to preserve the cafeteria furniture.


"Like a mystery? I'd be up for a mystery."  She turned to Luke and grinned."Hi, Luke! I like your shirt."

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