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Plea of the Serpent

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Sorry for the delay. You probably saw me in the Discord trying to get help with this. ?

Dok suggested the crunch and it seemed the best for what I was trying for.


His thought is that the best way to help get the 'researcher' out of harm's way is to hide him and slip him out of the city.

That said, first he'll try to make a temporary magical item using Artificer. It won't make him invisible, but should hopefully keep magical folks from magically finding him.


A simple looking bracelet, it seems to be made of various threads (including hemp, cotton, hair, and several metallic threads) woven together, 10 semi-clear quartz beads are spaced evenly through the weaving. Extra threading on the ends are used to tie it closed and activate the effect.

Concealment 10 (all senses; Flaws: Limited [only vs magical ESP effects], Passive) [5PP]

Design check = Knowledge (Arcane Lore) vs DC 15

5 hours design time.

Construction check = Craft (Artistic) vs DC 15

20 hours construction time.


The second thing I was thinking about was a Connected check, to try to secured passage for Advay out of the city. He'll also try to find a safe house for him in Freedom City, being the other side of the country Blackstaff would suggest it.

That should be a Diplomacy check, right? With you setting the DC.


Finally, he'll try to make another Connected check, to attempt to find out more information about the apparent death of the naga, Yatin, and Advay, himself.

If you want to nix anything, or have any questions, just let me know. I can make the rolls once you're ready.

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No worries! I've been busy with things myself so the wait wasn't so bad. If anything, I should have chimed in about the creation of the magical item.


But it looks good.


Staged DC 25 for both Connected checks. There'll be varying levels of successes, failures, and complications here depending on the roll. It will take a day to setup each check, amounting to two days.

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I just realized I don't have Diplomacy.

I know I had picked it originally because I took Connected, but somewhere in the process of tweaks and corrections it removed it without thinking about. ?

Well, I know where my first 2 points are going.


Least I can still make the bracelet.

Arcane Lore 16

Craft 23

I had almost asked to take 10 on both, but decided to try my luck.


Would Knowledge, Streetwise and/or Gather Info give me a chance to know who I can go to if I wanted to get someone out of the city? Or maybe a friend of a friend of a friend kind of lead?

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And you have a magic bracelet that hides you from magic. I'll say that will keep for the whole thread unless it gets broken or lost or something.


And knowing people who'd be able to smuggle someone out of the city would be under the purview of Streetwise, yeah.


DC 20 to find someone who you'd think would be willing with this kind of heat on the goods to be smuggled. Convincing them is a whole other matter.


Alternitavely, you can spend one HP to auto-succeed at a Connected Diplomacy roll. Or you can eat a failed roll, which won't necessarily mean you fail at what your goal for the Connected feat (unless it's a horrible roll like less than five). It would mean there'd be a cost to your success.

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Morlock 1 Grapple Opposed Check: 1d20+2 = 18


I can't find the rules for throwing as an attack, but I know there are, so let's just do some GM fiat here.


Morlock 2: Defense +3

Morlock 1: Toughness Save vs DC 23: 1d20+2 = 3

Morlock 2: Toughness Save vs DC 23: 1d20+2 = 19


They're both out.


Initiative of Morlocks in the open:  6#1d20 = 8, 14, 9, 20, 6, 7


Please roll your attack or Take 10 against Morlock 2.

Roll Initiative.

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Can you roll a Ranged attack for the power?


Mind, usually the power rank adds to the Saving Throw the target needs to beat. Before that if it isn't a Perception attack then you need to roll an attack to attempt to hit first. Move Object is ranged and I don't think Blackstaff's sheet changes that.


Besides the power, which is a Standard Action, you also have a Move Action and a Free Action every round to use.

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Okay, so I think the ranged attack for the MO is only the +4 base if I'm reading right.

So, Ranged attack is only a 10

And judging from the description he doesn't really have any where to move other then to try to dodge.

(Which hopefully I can do that better then Gohan. ? )

Free action will hopefully be sustaining the MO if I can hit with it.

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