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The Basement Shudders

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Abracadaver is a super-powered criminal with a magician gimmick, but nonetheless exhibits varied powers. Extremely dangerous. Dial 911 if you see him.

Abracadaver's crimes and obsession usually revolve around corpses, dead things, other occultists and magicians, and what some superstitious people call the occult or magic. This is obviously related to his gimmick.

Abracadaver's powers possibly originate from external sources, possibly psychic or alien artifacts, which he fashions as a magic black tome for example as part of his gimmick.


If Rebellion knows about the existence of magic then it is safe to assume that all these 'possiblies' can be explained simply by magic. That or Abracadaver is posing as magical.

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It seems like an edge case but I'd rule Lady Mingzhu can still smell Rebellion's use of his powers, such as the Terror array, as compared to the Covers Scent feat, which refers to mundane scent. Unless I'm misinterpreting the Morph power?


Also, give me a Bluff roll for the Vocal Mimicry. Abracadaver gets -5 for his Resistance modifier.

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Full power Aura of Terror at Lady Mingzhu, her bodyguards and everyone else within the room. DC20 Will save.


Emotion Control 10 (Extras: Area [Burst], Mental (+0), Selective, Flaws: Limited [Fear Only], Feats: Reversible) {31/31PP} (DescriptorsAura of TerrorEmotion, Fear, Mask, Mutation, Psionic)

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Alright, so, Reb's alone in there with the zombies, and he got the book. Is the computer still in there?


The zombies are blocking the entries and are flailing their arms around, but how far do they go? Could Reb crawl alongside the top of the entrance he entered through to get out of there?

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The computer is still there.


And the ceiling is low enough that they could reach up and touch the ceiling with their fingertips.

It'll be an Acrobatics check for Rebellion to crawl out of the basement without being touched by any of the zombies. DC 20.

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Alright, Reb's gonna jump towards the zombies blocking the exit on his way out and shift his Terror array to his Enhanced Strength. He'll become visible, then start attacking them. I'm guessing they're minions, so taking 10 on the attacks for hitting Defense 19, with DC26 TOU saves. Taking down as many as I can with Takedown Attack to clear the exit so he can get out of there. He still holds on to the book, of course.


Only morph in play atm is looking like Rebellion.

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The zombies are minions as stated in Abracadaver's profile sheet, though it doesn't give stats for them except to say each minion has 30 points.

Considering zombies are a PL1 enemy in the M&M2e book, think of each 30 point minion as a bunch of zombies together, like 6 or so.


Toughness Saves: 16#1d20+7 = https://orokos.com/roll/810613


5 groups of zombies destroyed.


Rebellion is more than halfway to the lift, hemmed in by empty cells on either side, after which is a more open area where zombies can surround him. Then the lift. One group of zombies charges at him down the path.


Melee Attack Roll: 1d20+6 = 21


Roll a Lethal Toughness Save vs DC23. 

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