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Arriving Someplace, Not Here.


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St. George's Cathedral

6PM, roughly, Easter


The largest and most magnificent church in Freedom is St. George’s Cathedral in Midtown across from Liberty Park. The cathedral is built in the Gothic style like the great cathedrals of Europe. It  features tall, thin steeples, a high bell tower, a cruciform shape, and space enough for hundreds of parishioners. The church is named for the famed dragon-slaying saint, and a huge stained glass depiction of St. George’s greatest deed is a centerpiece of the cathedral. The numerous other stained glass windows depict other saints and religious figures.


The second Easter Sermon was done and people had filed out to go eat. The topic had been redemption and rebirth, yanno, the expected sort of topic on these sorts of things.  It was eloquent, and gentle, with the Archbishop Charles Fairwell doing the duties for today.

It ended and there was a food spread out in the courtyard, as it was a lovely spring day.

Benjamin Franklin d'Amato sat in a pew still, after people had filed out, and he had his arms were against the the back of the pew in front of him, and he was leaning forward.  He wasn't really praying, just lost in thought.  This placed hadn't changed much since... well anyway, it was weird.  Trying to sort things out, and he wasn't really equipped to deal. One too many shots to the head.

He smiled wryly.



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Tabitha and Tremayne Hannigan were dressed to the nines in their Sunday best.  Tremayne in a light blue pastel suit; Tabitha in purple dress with accompanying large feathered hat.  It wasn't Black church by any means, but if their mama had seen them visit any of the lord's houses without dressing up they'd certainly be getting a smack to the back of their head.  That was to say nowadays Tabitha would not even feel it past the shaming she received after.

The twins had not actually sat together.  While Tremayne sat near the front to hang on every word of the Archbishop's words  The metallic teen had actually stood in the back.   Trying to stand out as little as a teen made of metal dressed in the least conservative attire of the sermon could.  She was, however, bemused.  Back home the Easter sermons did involve the good pastor taking shots at those who hadn't attended in a year.  Otherwise known as last Easter.


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Alice sat with her family during the sermon, something they appreciated. This was the first time she had attended since she found out her powers came from the artefact of a genuine Greek god, although the specific god still eluded her. Prior to that revelation she had been agnostic, although she still had attended church with her parents when her studies had allowed. Was this rude in some manner? She was empowered by a different faith than the one whose church she stood in. She wandered up closer to the front to see the stained glass window more clearly, missing the presence of the boy amongst the pews. She hadn't been the fanciest dressed in the crowd, but she'd made an effort, being in a pure white sundress with light blue floral filigree around the hem. She wore black flats, since she didn't need anything to accentuate her height. She'd missed coming to prayer with her parents. They had known she was agnostic and were glad she still chose to attend with them. She hadn't minded, it gave her a chance at peace to reflect on her life as Shooting Star which her hectic life didn't normally allow. Besides, community gatherings allowed her to keep her ear to the ground to be ready to help as Shooting Star.

She sat in the front pew and pondered, looking back in a way she hadn't given herself time to do in the rush of the last few months. Aaron was working with villains, they were both powered by genuine divine power, and at the very least the Greek gods were real. Was the Christian one? What about the other religions? Hinduism, Norse mythology, Egyptian mythology? Are they all real, or is it just the Greek gods? She sighed, and began heading for the door to eat with her family. "I doubt I'll be getting answers today, just more questions."

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