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-The loud, heart-stopping sounds of an explosion
and shattering glass along with the accompanying
shock strike around the cities without warning. Within
moments, a strange cloud of silvery mist blankets
the surrounding area. Just as panic and flight
are about to take hold, the cloud begins to swirl
without any evident prompting from the wind. It
whips itself into a cyclonic mass, discharging what
appear to be bolts of bluish lightning both within
itself and outward around its immediate vicinity.


Both blast and bolts subside and begin to dissipate
before anyone can arrive on the scene, leaving the dead and injured as
the most immediate concern. The scene is filled with fleeing, panicked
crowds and hopelessly jammed roads.   The bridges connecting the city have collapsed.

Sister cities orphaned from one another-

Bethlehem Heights
Emerald City, Oregon
Saturday, August 26, 2019
6:00 PM


South Emerald, the Facet City, a technological hub with a never ending march towards progress.  It was easy to forget the city's original growth could be highly attributed to the once large mining community.  As the mining industry faded, warehouses grew to support the technology laden industries that had migrated Westward.  And of course the working class needed somewhere to hang their hats.


Bethlehem Heights wasn't much to look at.  It wasn't run down...just not looked after.  At least that was how it could be described before the Storm blew through.  Cars were on fire, apartments lost power, the streets were flooded with runoff from the Albian River.  And looters.  Well the looters were feeling particularly bold.  As if the police needed any more reason to ignore Bethlehem Heights, the district found itself even more isolated as calls came in from all over Emerald City.


Worst of all, there were reports going around that Bethlehem Heights Psychiatric Hospital had an entire wall blown apart.  South Emerald was in a state of anarchy.

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Emerald Spider

Bethlehem Heights wasn’t much but it was home and Peri always enjoyed returned home to her own place she rented not far from her father. Downtown might see most of her attention but everyone knew Emerald Spider was a Height girl and looked after her patch when she could.


So even after a long day at work she’d spent the last few hour helping the emergency services out rescuing people from fires and restraining the odd one or two when needed. She was exhausted after it all, but she knew she couldn’t stop yet the hospital was her last stop for the night and it probably wouldn’t be easy...

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Oliva had for the most part not been out and about in the city yet. At least not in her suit, no she was still trying to work some small issue out of it and had spent a good amount of time today in the river working on the underwater propulsion system. But now she was trying to figure out why the sonar on the suit had just gone crazy.. The whole inside of her helmet sounding like a drum as she changed direction and turned on the lights on the suit. "I definitely need to put some kind of safety on the haptic feedback in the helmet sys..."

The suit came to a stop as she could see what had clearly been a bridge a short time ago now in the process of sinking to the bottom of the river. Starting to move again as she started to look for vehicles who might have survivors still inside. Though she knew htat anything powerful enough to bring down the bridge followed by a fall from that height would make chances slim. Her helmet registering sonar contacts all along the river. The suit starting to move to the shore as the suit arms climbs out of the water and onto the shore as she surveyed the damage.

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"Okay. I'm here. Now what, Agnes?"


In the catastrophic havoc devastating Emerald City, the worst disaster in the city's centuries-long history, even the shiny new suit Ishmael Redwater was in didn't help when confronted with an unearthly storm battering his home. Looking down on streets swimming in riverwater as crackling bolts of lightning lit up the people struggling against the water, the wreckage, and each other.


He shook his head, still feeling strange after a professional barber removed half the hair on it and bestowed unto him the most elegant swept-back style  the sleek silver helmet turning round and round in his hands, and  red crescent of MarsTech blazoned across his suit's shiny chest. "There's...there's so many..."


~"Keep it together down there, Paris!"~ over his earpiece, Agnes Nisso sounded every one of her 62 years, but the 'hero handler' had been guiding costumed cowboys through one crisis or another for almost half a century. With MarsTech drones giving her a bird's-eye view, Agnes and the team in Emerald Tower were in charge of getting him to the worst of the trouble spots. ~"There's three cars with people inside trapped in the water. One two blocks south, the other two five blocks due east."~


Donning the helmet with shaking hands, Ishmael took a moment to take in the augmented reality on the interior screens. "Agnes, I don't know..."


~"Paris, who are you responsible to?"~ 


He knew the answer to that one. "Emerald City, my sponsors and myself, ma'am!"


~"Good man. Get going, kid!"~


His helmet latched onto the suit, the teen mascot set off at a blur, his new name blazing on his suit:



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