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Contending with the Contenders OOC

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Bear-Knuckle does a save: 16



TKO is not happy, but he does nothing. At least not anything Facs or Archer can see!


Alright, Archer can focus on Fly-Boy now, so Rapid Fire Standard Arrows shot: 28

6 above DEF, so that's +3 to DC, for DC24 TOU for Fly-Boy: 17

Bruise and a Daze.

Archer's shifts his array to the Grappling line arrow and swings down to the arena next to Facs.


Heavyweight tries to get out of his paralyzed state: 7



Fly-Boy is dazed and does nothing, Facs is up


26 - Fly-Boy - Bruise (x2)

20 - Facsimile - 0HP - Bruise (x2), Staggered

20 - TKO - Unharmed

14 - Bear-Knuckle - KO

11 - Archer II - 2HP - Unharmed

6 - Heavyweight - Bruise (x1), Staggered, Paralyzed (1 round)

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He's paralyzed, so that's a hit!


DC31 TOU: 22

Since he's staggered, that's a KO!


Give me an IC!

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