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Contending with the Contenders OOC


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Ok before we go I'd like that facsimile would've maybe gotten someone to look into those bomb threats whilst he's off throwing down.


I'm happy to use the contacts feat for that if that's ok!


Next I'd like facs to have grabbed a particularly fearsome mimicry before turning up. Though he will not risk being overly late to do so.


PL10 Generator Form (as discussed In chat.)


Impervious Toughness 10 ("Electromagnetic forcefield") 10pp


Flight 5 ("EM levitation" 250 mph ) 10pp


array 15("Living Dynamo!"; PFs: Alt power 5) 33 pp

  BE: Blast 10("Blitzing barrage" Extra: Autofire)

  AE: Stun 10 ("thunderstrike!" Extra Area (cone - 100ft) Targeted)

  AE: Damage 10 ("Lightning Lashout" Extras: Area (Burst - 50ft General), Selective

  AE: Stun 10 + Trip 10 on unarmed damage ("Mjolnir" ; Stun; trip; Flaw: Reduced range (touch) Extra: knockback)


Super strength 3 ("mighty metal muscles" Heavy load: 6 tons) 6pp


Feature 1 ("universal charger")




Blitz barrage DC25 (Autofire) Toughness


Thunderstrike! DC20 Fort 100ft cone (targeted)


Lightning lashout DC20 Ref for half DC25/20 toughness


Mjolnir DC 20 Fort and DC25 Toughness + Trip attempt



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You know that the Contenders is a team of thugs and strongmen that were primarily active in the 80'es and 90'es, though they seemed to disappear from the public eye in the late 90'es. They have all been in and out of prison multiple times, but they're believed to be at large, even if no one has heard from them in years. They're strong, but have always been more followers than leaders.

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I think I'd like to try and trip heavyweight.


Attack roll!


Don't think there's any bonus for critting on this sadly.


Opposed roll! (STR)

1d20+10=28 +4 for improved trip for 32


Thanks to improved throw he'll be using his Dex to resist.


Thanks to fast task that was a move action! Haha.


Hmm for the standard I'll take a chance on him being prone.


And just full power attack him with the mjolnir power!




Rerolling for rule of cool. Have a HP!


1d20+5=11 +10 for a Reroll is 21 (+4 if he's tripped for 25)


Please make a DC30 Toughness,  DC25 Fortitude and another opposed trip roll.(using Dex if you please! Thanks improved throw!)


1d20+10=14 +4 (imp. Trip) less impressive. But still mighty.


Gonna lay off mjolnir I think. It's a big dumb super move with too many steps but the chance to potentially throw around the big tough one is too much fun to ignore!


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The moment you touch, you activate Heavyweight's Move Object Aura!


Rolling vs. the Trip, but everything else is subject to whether you're crushed to the ground by gravity or not! 


First, Move Object grapple: 36


Then, trip roll: 28


He is tripped and prone, but let's see how you deal with the move object grapple

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Heavyweight uses a move action to get up, then makes a melee attack. Since you're pinned to that ground with the Move Object grapple, that's flat-footed -4 defense: 20

That's a hit, so DC27 TOU for Facs.

Then Heavyweight uses Improved Grab to start a physical grapple, moving to pin you with his heavy weight! Grapple: 32


26 - Flyboy - Unharmed

20 - Facsimile - 3HP - Unharmed

20 - TKO - Unharmed

14 - Bear-Knuckle - Unharmed

6 - Heavyweight - Unharmed

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That's a hit, and +2DC, so DC27 TOU: 18, dazed and bruised!


Fly-Boy flies in overhead, but so far, he's not taking any actions.


Facs is up again.


26 - Fly-Boy - Unharmed

20 - Facsimile - 3HP - Bruise (x1)

20 - TKO - Unharmed

14 - Bear-Knuckle - Unharmed

6 - Heavyweight - Dazed, Bruise (x1)

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That's a hit, and Total DC28: 17

Heavyweight is *not* doing so well here. Staggered and Dazed!


And now Fly-Boy makes his move! Attack: 18


That's a miss! Fly-Boy's still going on overhead, though!


26 - Fly-Boy - Unharmed

20 - Facsimile - 3HP - Bruise (x1)

20 - TKO - Unharmed

14 - Bear-Knuckle - Unharmed

6 - Heavyweight - Dazed, Bruise (x1), Staggered

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Fly-Boy's TOU: 27 

A bruise!

Fort: 19


Opposed trip: 29

Not tripped!


In order of action...


Can I get a notice roll


Heavyweight moves out of the arena.


Fly-Boy trying to get rid of stun effect vs DC25: 19, still stunned


26 - Fly-Boy - Bruise (x1), Stunned (1 round)

20 - Facsimile - 3HP - Bruise (x1)

20 - TKO - Unharmed

14 - Bear-Knuckle - Unharmed

6 - Heavyweight - Bruise (x1), Staggered

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