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Hammer and Scalpel: City Night Heist (OOC)

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Before I forget, here is the contraption from Nicole. There's a hint of magic in there.


Headset (Equipment)

- Feature (Can hear clearly)

- Feature (Eyes are protected from annoyances)

- Communication (Basically a radio. Right now tuned to Bellios)

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First of all, as a player I am not spending an HP on Comprehend Languages (Limited to Korean). :P


Secondly, this is also so Selena can take the lead in this thread. It's her decisions, especially if she hears something in Korean, which would then lead her to make a split-second decision.

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He's telling the truth and nothing but the truth!


Well, since you did get so close you still get the feeling he's not saying everything but you figure it's probably something like pictures of his dog. You put that out of your mind to focus on more important things.


Edit: Orrrr some crazy, toe-the-line tax avoidance schemes like you said in Discord.

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Welp, sorry about this, Azuth. Life kind of just piled onto me and I had to drop a lot of free time.


This plays out as relatively straight fight. Beat the bad guys, save the hostages, find out Hwang stashed an unholy mix of Omega-tech and  magic rolled into one pendant inside his vault. The works.

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