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Bedlam Burning: Beauty and the Beasts

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Oh hey, looks like I wasn't subscribed to this thread. Sorry.


Strix has Darkvision, Microscopic Vision (the first rank, dust-sized objects), Analytical smell/taste, and just good vision and hearing overall, so he can pick up stuff that a normal person couldn't.


As for "stuff he's looking for", that was basically the content of his last IC post.


Notice: 14.

Search: 13.




...If you wanna count those as DC10 Aid checks to give Dead Head a +2 bonus, I'd be OK with it. >_> <_<


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I'll assume Strix know this as well, being local to the general area.


The Mara are the local gang of Wolverton know for two things, there ruthlessness and violence and there Witch (or Brujo) Boys who practice a form of Santeria and some are rumored to have actual powers.


(For those that have, they're on p. 237-238 of the Bedlam City book)

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Strix uses Hide In Plain Sight and gets a natural "20" on his Stealth check for 40 total, which nobody's Notice can match, so he disappears. He'll immediately swap to his Concealment power, activate it, and use his Leaping, Speed, and Wall-Crawling to keep up with the others. Whenever possible, he'll stick to the rooftops, or any other structures which allow him to remain above them.


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