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Avenger Assembled

Something Fishy (OOC)

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Okay, Supercape, make whatever skill rolls you think would be appropriate at this juncture as we start helping rescue victims and figure out the cause of the disaster! 

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I suppose:


Skill Matery Climb (26) to reach the Bridge. 


Then Notice roll: Notice Roll: 1d20+13 28 to assess the scene and also see if his amazing nose can pick up anythng?


I guess it will boil down to Super STR the cars back onto the bridge, but let me know!

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Sorry for the delay here! 

Let's see - that Climb will easily get you on top of the bridge, where that Notice will give you something like this: 

There's the usual 'tells' of a transportation disaster here; the smells of leaking oil, human blood and pain, broken metal and glass, and there is definitely a fire up near the front end of the train. The front end of the train (which is dangling right off the rails) looks stove in by a crater - as if the train hit something immobile while traveling at speed. 

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Given the nature of Sgt. Shark's abilities, we'll say that Notice check gives you a strong smell of chemicals like plastic and lubricants even beyond those coming from the wrecked train - this thing isn't a person! 


One True Scotsman's Initiative 

http://orokos.com/roll/737674 = 26 


Aquaria: = 16 


So we're at 

Sgt. Shark: 30 

One True Scotsman: 26 

Sea Devil: 16 


You're up, @Supercape

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