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I Saw This Once (OOC)


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Just in case it need be said, Initiative for Talon. Hell Girl will join the fray once the mess gets loud. So as soon as the goons start tearing things up to beat up Talon.


All stat blocks are from the sidekick section of Instant Superheroes


One is a Powerhouse, one is a Martial Artist, one is a Mystic.

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Mystic "Learned" moves the Martial Artist"Knife Wielder" on top of the bus


Knife swings and hits with a 24. Talon needs to make a DC 19 Toughness


Powerhouse "Brother Nero" uses his immense magical strength to try to knock Talon off the bus. Knife is going to be in the way though. DC 16 reflex for Knife and Talon. if they fail they do a DC 16 strength or dexterity or acrobatics


http://orokos.com/roll/705849 Even though she rolled a 1 on the reflex save, she has +12 acrobatics and evasion 2, she cannot fail the trip check

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Mona will be abusing her Quickness to slip into her costume as a free action. Then her speed to get in melee range of the powerhouse. And then just the powerhouse himself with One Million Punches. I have an edit waiting that bumps Pacer up to PL 11. She's still balanced offensively, though. Defensively, she has 2 more Toughness thanks to Defensive Roll. Attack check time! http://orokos.com/roll/705858 23. That's Toughness DC 26+Autofire. Autofire increases the DC by +1 for every 2 to a maximum of +5 increase to the DC.

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